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S- <br /> . <br /> 411 CI Copy <br /> MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN THE <br /> CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES AND THE AREA G VETERINARY DISASTER <br /> TEAM, A CALIFORNIA NONPROFIT CORPORATION 501 C3. <br /> This Memorandum of Understanding is made and entered in to this date, August 21, <br /> 2007, between the City of Rancho Palos Verdes (hereinafter "City") and the Area G <br /> Veterinary Disaster Team (hereinafter "VDT), a California nonprofit corporation 501 c3. <br /> In the event of either a natural or human caused disaster, it is desirable that all the <br /> resources and facilities of cooperating agencies be made available to mitigate and combat <br /> the effect of disaster that may result from such calamities as flood, fire, earthquake, and <br /> other natural and human caused hazards. <br /> The parties to this agreement, the VDT team and the City, agree that the VDT will <br /> be an authorized agent of the City for the express purpose of caring for domestic and other <br /> animals domiciled within the City that are displaced or injured as a result of a natural or <br /> human caused disaster. The VDT desires to coordinate a program of disaster relief to <br /> ensure preservation of animal life and to protect public health and welfare by providing <br /> emergency animal care by means of the Memorandum of Understanding. <br /> 1. The Area G VDT will participate in providing emergency and disaster animal care <br /> services by using the Incident Command System (ICS) and the National Incident <br /> Management System (NIMS) or any system the city is required to utilize for <br /> emergency response. <br /> 2. All actions of the Area G VDT during an emergency will be coordinated with the City <br /> and other participating governmental agencies. <br /> 3. In coordination with the City's local animal control authority in emergency response, <br /> the VDT will assist in providing temporary housing for animals and emergency <br /> veterinary medical care by setting up a temporary triage animal center. A licensed <br /> veterinarian and supervised, trained staff will be at the triage animal center as <br /> needed to provide continued animal care. The VDT will assist in supplying lost and <br /> found animal information services to the public. The VDT will provide education and <br /> training for its members. <br /> 4. The VDT does not provide evacuation or rescue services for small or large animals <br /> (such as horses). <br /> 5. The VDT shall provide the City with the name and contact information of at least two <br /> persons for the purposes of coordination during disaster. <br /> 6. This Memorandum of Understanding is valid until revoked in writing by either party. <br /> 7. For the purposes of any disaster cost reimbursement that may be available for <br /> activities of the VDT in connection with this Agreement during an emergency <br /> response, the VDT will submit detailed cost records of medications and supplies. <br /> These costs will be submitted for reimbursement to the appropriate agency. <br /> 8. This Understanding shall not be modified, unless the parties first agree to and <br /> approve such modifications in writing. <br />