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1 ' <br /> Y <br /> EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT <br /> Disaster Management Area Coordinator <br /> Area G Office of Emergency Services <br /> THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into by and between AREA G CIVIL <br /> DEFENSE AND DISASTER BOARD, a joint powers agency, hereinafter called "The <br /> Board", and Jeffery Robinson, an individual. <br /> WHEREAS, the Board desires to employ the services of Mr. Robinson as Disaster <br /> Management Area Coordinator; and <br /> WHEREAS, Mr. Robinson desires to accept the employment as Disaster Management <br /> Area Coordinator of the Board; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, it is agreed as follows: <br /> 1. General. The Board hereby appoints Mr. Robinson as Disaster <br /> Management Area Coordinator, beginning January 23, 2012, to serve at the <br /> pleasure of the board and to perform the functions and duties specified <br /> herein. Effective January 23, 2012, he shall report to the City Manager of <br /> Rancho Palos Verdes for a period of two (2) years, and thereafter as <br /> designated by the Board. Probationary first year monthly reviews of Mr. <br /> Robinson's performance shall be conducted by the City Manager of Rancho <br /> Palos Verdes followed by annual reviews, with input from the Emergency <br /> Services Coordinators of other Area G jurisdictions, each year, thereafter. <br /> 2. Compensation. The Board agrees to pay Mr. Robinson at the monthly rate <br /> of$7,166 monthly as compensation for his services payable at the same time <br /> and in the same manner as salaries are paid in the "host jurisdiction" (which <br /> is currently the City of Torrance). Compensation may be increased or <br /> decreased by Board action. <br /> 3. Benefits and Working Conditions. Except as otherwise provided herein, <br /> the board shall provide the same benefits to the Disaster Management Area <br /> Coordinator as those provided to other employees in the service of the host <br /> jurisdiction. Benefits shall be adjusted concurrently with adjustments made <br /> in the employee benefits of the host jurisdiction, or subsequent agreements <br /> between the host jurisdiction and the Board. Any and all adjustments must <br /> have the prior approval of the Board. <br />