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AT&T- • <br /> C'ksPN°e-a"-i• °/jj 1/41\4S211-."' <br /> Cellular Antenna Facility at Ryan Park <br /> 12/02/97 City Council approved License Agreement with LA Cellular <br /> (now dba AT&T Wireless) for the cellular antenna facility at <br /> Ryan Park, at entrance to park on Hawthorne Boulevard). <br /> Installation consists of two panel antennas mounted on a <br /> street light and an underground vault. <br /> 11/30/02 Initial term of the lease ended and first of three 5-year <br /> automatic extensions began (expiration date: November 30, <br /> 2007). <br /> License Fee <br /> The original License Fee was $200, subject to a 5% increase each December 1st <br /> throughout the term of the License Agreement. The current License Fee, as of <br /> December 1, 200/, is $244,40.per month. <br /> .5 it <br /> �, f o g9k <br />