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CONTRACT SERVICES AGREEMENT FOR <br />CITY ATTORNEY SERVICES <br />CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES <br />This CONTRACT SERVICES G f EEMENT FOR CITY ATTORNEY SERVICES <br />(the "Agreement") is effective as of the' ' day of -', ''2015, by and between the law firm of <br />ALESHIRE & WYNDER, LLP, a California limite. liability partnership ("A&W"), and the <br />CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES ("RPV" OR "City"), a general law city. The term "City" <br />shall also include the RPV Successor Agency, the RPV Community Housing Authority, the RPV <br />Public Financing Authority, and all other City boards and commissions. <br />1. APPOINTMENT <br />City Council hereby appoints David J. Aleshire as the City Attorney, and hires A&W as <br />its City Attorney, to render such legal services as are customarily rendered by such officials and <br />as further specified herein, including attending meetings of the City Council, Planning <br />Commission, RPV Successor Agency ("Successor Agency"), RPV Housing Authority ("Housing <br />Authority"), RPV Public Financing Authority ("Public Financing Authority"), all other City <br />boards and commissions and their affiliated agencies, as directed by the City. <br />Notwithstanding the foregoing appointment, the designated City Attorney, Agency <br />Counsel, and any Assistant or Deputy City Attorney, may be established from time to time or <br />modified by resolution of the City Council. A&W represents that it employs, or will employ at <br />its own expense, all personnel required for the satisfactory performance of any and all tasks and <br />services set forth herein. A&W shall not replace the designated City Attorney (or any successors <br />to such person) without the City Council's prior approval, except from time to time necessary <br />due to illness or vacation scheduling. Approval of any such temporary substitute, or of any <br />Assistant City Attorney shall be obtained from the City Manager, and resources will be provided <br />to the City Manager and City Council if requested. City Attorney may appoint various deputies <br />as City Attorney deems appropriate, without the need for amendment hereof. <br />2. SCOPE OF WORK AND DUTIES <br />A. A&W shall perform any and all work necessary for the provision of City Attorney <br />services to City, as set forth in the Municipal Code, including, but not limited to, the following: <br />(i) Attendance at City Council, Planning Commission, or Successor Agency, <br />Housing Authority, Public Financing Authority, or other affiliated entities, unless excused by the <br />City Manager or his/her designee, and other board and commission meetings on request of the <br />City Manager or his/her designee; and <br />(ii) Provide legal advice, written legal opinions, and consultation on all <br />matters affecting the City to the City Council, City Manager, boards, commissions, committees, <br />officers, and employees of City and as requested by the City Council, the City Manager, or <br />his/her designee, in accordance with such policies and procedures as may be established by City <br />from time to time; and <br />1 <br />09999.0014/266395.1 <br />