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• <br /> Memorandum of Understanding <br /> This MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING ("MOU") is made as of <br /> Amt_ , 2007, by and between the signatories to this MOU. <br /> Recitals <br /> A. Pursuant to the provisions of the federal Clean Water Act, the <br /> California Porter Cologne Water Quality Act, and regulations adopted in <br /> conjunction therewith, the California Regional Water Quality Control Board for the <br /> Los Angeles Region ("Regional Board") is responsible for developing a National <br /> Pollutant Discharge Elimination System("NPDES")permit. The NPDES permit <br /> dictates the conditions under which subject agencies may discharge urban runoff <br /> and storm water into the waters of the United States. The signatories to this MOU <br /> are co-permittees to an NPDES permit issued to the County of Los Angeles as the <br /> principal permittee. <br /> B. Each NPDES permit is valid for five years, or until such time <br /> thereafter as the Regional Board can develop a new permit. <br /> C. The signatories desire to cooperate in an effort to gather information <br /> regarding best storm water management practices and to engage and assist the <br /> Regional Board and other involved agencies in developing sound, cost-effective, <br /> and practicable conditions for NPDES permits and related regulations, <br /> requirements, and programs. <br /> THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows: <br /> 1. Term. This MOU shall be valid for one year and shall be <br /> automatically renewed each year thereafter, beginning on the first day of each <br /> fiscal year. Any signatory may terminate its participation in this MOU upon 60 <br /> days written notice to the other signatories prior to the start of the fiscal year. <br /> 2. Meetings. Representatives of the signatories shall meet from time to <br /> time, but no less than quarterly, to share information regarding current storm water <br /> management efforts and to coordinate activities surrounding NPDES permits. <br /> 82001\0004\952976.7 -1- <br />