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411 410 74 4 4 2 <br /> Contract No. <br /> MASSAGE INSPECTION AND EXAMINATION SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into thisday <br /> of 2003, <br /> by and between COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES (hereafter <br /> "County" ) , <br /> and CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES, a <br /> municipal corporation (hereafter <br /> "City") . <br /> WHEREAS, the California Health and Safety Code provides that <br /> the governing bodies of counties and cities shall take measures <br /> as may be necessary to preserve and protect the public' s health, <br /> including the adoption of ordinances and establishment of fees to <br /> support the enforcement of such activities; and <br /> WHEREAS, County' s Board of Supervisors has delegated the <br /> authority and responsibility for these measures to County' s <br /> Director of Health Services, or his/her authorized designee <br /> (hereafter jointly referred to as "Director" ) ; and <br /> WHEREAS, Director has further entrusted his/her Department <br /> of Health Services ("DHS") Deputy of Environmental Health to <br /> preserve and protect the public' s health by inspecting <br /> businesses, including but not limited to, the inspection of <br /> massage establishments, and the examination of applicants for <br />