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. .� <br /> ASSURANCES AND UNDERSTANDINGS REGARDING <br /> RECEIPT AND USE OF MEASURE R LOCAL RETURN FUNDS <br /> The undersigned, in conjunction with the receipt of funds derived from the one-half cent <br /> sales tax approved pursuant to Assembly Bill 2321, Measure R Ordinance of the Los <br /> Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority ("LACMTA"), and as required by <br /> LACMTA's Measure R Local Return ("LR") Guidelines, hereby provides the following <br /> assurances and understandings. <br /> A. The undersigned hereby assures LACMTA: <br /> 1. That the Measure R LR funds are to be used to augment, not supplant, <br /> existing local revenues being used for transportation purposes; <br /> 2. That Measure R LR funds will be used for public transportation purposes as <br /> defined in LACMTA's Measure R LR Guidelines; <br /> 3. That the undersigned will submit to LACMTA for the use of Measure R LR <br /> funds: <br /> a. An Expenditure Plan, annually, by August 1st of each year, including a <br /> proposed budget of the current year's expenditures; <br /> b. An Expenditure Report, annually, by October 15th of each year, including <br /> an update of the prior year's expenditures; <br /> 4. Unless otherwise required by LACMTA, an audit certified by a Certified Public <br /> Accountant, will be conducted by LACMTA within 180 days of the close of the <br /> fiscal year; <br /> 5. That all projects proposed for Measure R LR funding will meet the legal <br /> requirements of the Measure R Ordinance and LACMTA's LR Guidelines <br /> criteria. <br /> B. The undersigned further understands and agrees: <br /> 1. That LACMTA will require the undersigned to return any Measure R LR funds <br /> and may impose interest penalties on any expenditure found to be illegal or <br /> improper under the terms of the Measure R Ordinance or the LACMTA's LR <br /> Guidelines; <br /> 2. That the undersigned will, for projects to be funded in part or in whole with <br /> Measure R LR funds, comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws <br /> and regulations, including without limitation: American With Disabilities Act <br /> (ADA), CEQA and NEPA, affirmative action, transit accessibility and public <br /> health and safety requirements and fair labor practices; <br />