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• <br /> MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT <br /> MACHADO LAKE TRASH TMDL STAKEHOLDER GROUP <br /> IMPLEMENTATION OF MACHADO LAKE TRASH SCREEN PROJECT <br /> FUNDED BY PROPOSITION 84 STORM WATER GRANT PROGRAM <br /> This Memorandum of Agreement ("MOA") is made, entered into, as of the <br /> effective date of the last Party signature set forth, by and among the City of Torrance, a <br /> municipal corporation ("Torrance"); the City of Carson ("Carson"), a municipal <br /> corporation; the City of Palos Verdes Estates, a municipal corporation ("Palos Verdes <br /> Estates"); the City of Lomita, a municipal corporation ("Lomita"); the City of Rolling Hills <br /> Estates, a municipal corporation ("Rolling Hills Estates"); and the City of Rancho Palos <br /> Verdes, a municipal corporation ("Rancho Palos Verdes"); (individually "Party" and <br /> collectively, "Parties"), with respect to the following: <br /> RECITALS <br /> A. WHEREAS, on June 7, 2007, the Regional Water Quality Control Board, Los <br /> Angeles Region adopted an amendment to the Water Quality Control Plan for the Los <br /> Angeles Region incorporating a Total Maximum Daily Load ("TMDL") for Trash in <br /> Machado Lake, with an effective date of March 6, 2008; and <br /> B. WHEREAS, on October 3, 2012 the State Water Resources Control Board <br /> approved the Machado Lake Trash TMDL Project ("Project") as part of the Proposition <br /> 84 Stormwater Grant Program for a total budget of $2,227,400 with $1,745,800 to be <br /> funded by a Proposition 84 stormwater grant ("Grant") and $481,600 (matching funds) <br /> to be funded by the Parties; and <br /> C. WHEREAS, each Party has committed to providing its share of the matching <br /> funds; and <br /> D. WHEREAS, the Project will install an estimated 2,062 catch basin screens and <br /> 2000 "no parking" signs, and also includes an outreach and education component; and <br /> E. WHEREAS, the scope of work and budget for the Project have been defined in <br /> Exhibit A, which is attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference; and <br /> F. WHEREAS, Torrance is the main agency for the administration of the <br /> construction of the Project and administration of the Grant on behalf of all of the Parties; <br /> and <br /> G. WHEREAS, the Parties desire to enter into this MOA voluntarily to, among other <br /> things: 1) complete the plans and specifications of each Party's portion of the Project, 2) <br /> set forth the Parties' intent to have the Project administered and coordinated by <br /> Torrance, 3) establish and define the roles of the Parties to administer and implement <br /> [78504_11 -1COPY <br /> - <br />