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•4iii HOST COMPLIANCE LLC <br /> HOST COMPLIANCE <br /> Short-term Rental Compliance Monitoring and Associated Services <br /> HCSA-5-5-2016-W,last revised 01 25 19 <br /> Host Compliance Services Agreement <br /> Dacetlibdit <br /> THIS SERVICES AGREEMENT (the "Agreement") is entered into as of N S 2019 (the "Effective <br /> Date"), between Host Compliance LLC, ("Host Compliance") and City of Rancho Palos Verdes, a general law city & <br /> municipal corporation, with an address at 30940 Hawthorne Blvd Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 (the <br /> "Customer") This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which Host Compliance agrees to license <br /> to Customer certain hosted software and provide all other services necessary for Customer's productive use of <br /> such software (the "Services") as further described in the attached Schedule 1 <br /> 1 0 Services <br /> 1 1 Subscriptions Subject to and conditioned on Customer's payments pursuant to Section 4 0 of this <br /> Agreement, Host Compliance hereby grants Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to access <br /> and use the Services during the term of this Agreement, in accordance with the terms and conditions of <br /> this Agreement Unless otherwise provided in the attached Schedule 1, (a)Services are purchased as <br /> subscriptions, (b)additional service subscriptions may be added during a subscription term,with the <br /> pricing for such additional services, prorated for the portion of that subscription term remaining at the <br /> time the subscriptions are added, and (c) any added subscriptions will terminate on the same date as <br /> the underlying subscription <br /> 1 2 Provision of Services Customer and Customer's end-users("End Users") may access and use the <br /> Services and any other Services that may be ordered by the Customer from time to time pursuant to a <br /> valid subscription in accordance with the terms of this Agreement <br /> 1 3 Facilities and Data Processing Host Compliance will use, at a minimum, industry standard technical <br /> and organizational security measures to store data provided by Customer, or obtained by Customer <br /> through the use of the Services("Customer Data") These measures are designed to protect the <br /> integrity of Customer Data and guard against unauthorized or unlawful access <br /> 14 Modifications to the Services Host Compliance may update the Services from time to time If Host <br /> Compliance updates the Services in a manner that materially improves functionality, Host Compliance <br /> will inform the Customer <br /> 2 0 Customer Obligations <br /> 2 1 Customer Administration of the Services Host Compliance' responsibilities do not extend to internal <br /> management or administration of the Services Customer is responsible for (i) maintaining the <br /> confidentiality of Customer passwords and accounts, (ii) managing Customer access to Host Compliance <br /> system administrator accounts, and (iii)ensuring that such administrators' use of the Services complies <br /> with this Agreement <br /> 2 2 Compliance Customer is responsible for use of the Services, including use of the Services by End Users <br /> and will comply with laws, regulations, and such provisions of this Agreement that are applicable to <br /> Customer's use of the Services <br /> www hostcompliance corn 1 1037 NE 65th Street#81158 <br /> Tel (754)888-HOST(4678) Seattle, WA 98115 <br />