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CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES <br /> EXECUTIVE SEARCH CONTRACT SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> This EXECUTIVE SEARCH CONTRACT SERVICES AGREEMENT (herein <br /> "Agreement") is made and entered into this 1st day of October 2019, by and between the CITY <br /> OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES, a general law city & municipal corporation, (herein "City") <br /> and PECKHAM& MCKENNEY, INC., a California corporation(herein"Consultant"). <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, the parties hereto agree as follows: <br /> 1.0 SERVICES OF CONSULTANT <br /> 1.1 Scope of Services. In compliance with all of the terms and conditions of <br /> this Agreement, Consultant shall perform the services set forth in the "Scope of Services & <br /> Schedule of Performance" attached hereto as Exhibit "A" and incorporated herein by reference. <br /> Consultant warrants that all services set forth in Exhibit "A" will be performed in a competent, <br /> professional and satisfactory manner. <br /> 1.2 Compliance With Law. All work and services rendered hereunder shall be <br /> provided in accordance with all ordinances, resolutions, statutes, rules, and regulations of the <br /> City and any Federal, State or local governmental agency of competent jurisdiction. <br /> 1.3 Licenses, Permits, Fees and Assessments. Consultant shall obtain at its <br /> sole cost and expense such licenses, permits and approvals as may be required by law for the <br /> performance of the services required by this Agreement. <br /> 2.0 COMPENSATION <br /> 2.1 Contract Sum. For the services rendered pursuant to this Agreement, <br /> Consultant shall be compensated in accordance with the "Schedule of Compensation" attached <br /> hereto as Exhibit "B" and incorporated herein by this reference, but not exceeding the maximum <br /> contract amount of Twenty-Seven Thousand Dollars ($27,000.00) ("Contract Sum") which sum <br /> includes all needed out-of-pocket expenses. <br /> 2.2 Method of Payment. Provided that Consultant is not in default under the <br /> terms of this Agreement, Consultant shall be paid pursuant to the schedule listed on Exhibit"B." <br /> 2.3 Availability of Funds. This Agreement is valid and enforceable only if <br /> sufficient funds are made available by the City Council of the City for the purposes of this <br /> Agreement. The availability of funding is affected by matters outside the City's control, <br /> including other governmental entities. Accordingly, the City has the option to void the whole <br /> Agreement or to amend the Agreement to reflect unanticipated reduction in funding, for any <br /> reason. <br /> /// <br />