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DocuSign Envelope ID:928CA42C-2340-4B2C-8DB3-1E34C67764BD <br /> 111 <br /> i and <br /> VEEAM SERVICE AGREEMENT <br /> This VEEAM SERVICE AGREEMENT (this "Agreement") is entered on 7 / 3.1,/ 19 (the <br /> "Effective Date"), between Q41 F g A,A/C4-10 PALOS v E i .D <br /> (the "Customer"), iland Internet Solutions Corporation, a Texas corporation (the "US Provider"), <br /> iland Europe Limited, a company formed and existing under the laws of England and Wales (the "UK <br /> Provider"), and iland Cloud Pte. Ltd., a company formed and existing under the laws of Singapore <br /> (the "Singapore Provider"), iland Australia Pty Ltd, a company formed and existing under the laws <br /> of New South Wales (the "Australian Provider"), and iland Nederland B.V., a company formed and <br /> existing under the laws of the Netherlands (the "Dutch Provider") together with the US Provider, the <br /> UK Provider, the Singapore Provider and the Australia Provider, the "Providers" and each, a <br /> "Provider". <br /> In consideration of the above recitals and the mutual covenants contained herein, and for other good <br /> and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which the Parties hereby acknowledge, the <br /> Parties agree as follows: <br /> ARTICLE 1 <br /> DEFINITIONS <br /> In this Agreement: <br /> Section 1.1 "Monthly Fee" means the aggregate Monthly Fees on the relevant Order. <br /> Section 1.2 "Order" means a request for services submitted by the Customer to the <br /> Provider that have become binding after the Customer and Provider have affirmatively agreed to all <br /> terms and conditions concerning the requested services. <br /> Section 1.3 "Third Party" means any person other than a Party or its affiliates. <br /> ARTICLE 2 <br /> SERVICES <br /> Section 2.1 Description of Services. The Provider shall use its reasonable efforts to <br /> provide the resources comprising a cloud based infrastructure (the "Cloud Resources") with the <br /> specifications set in an Order (the "Specifications"), in each case to the Customer, and the <br /> Customer shall compensate the Provider at the rates set out in such Order, in each case subject to <br /> the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement until this Agreement is terminated. <br /> Section 2.2 Service-Specific Provisions. The terms set out on each Schedule accessible <br /> at (each as may be updated from time to time at the <br /> Provider's sole discretion) are hereby deemed to be incorporated into each Order into which such <br /> Schedule's terms are to be incorporated pursuant to the terms of such Schedule. The relevant <br /> Provider shall provide reasonable notice to the Customer whenever the terms of an applicable <br /> Schedule are updated, and such updated Schedule shall become binding on the Customer and the <br /> relevant Providers on the thirtieth day following the date on which such notice is provided to the <br /> Customer. <br /> Section 2.3 Renewal and Billing Commencement. Billing in respect of the Orders issued <br /> under this Agreement will commence on the date that the Provider confirms that the Cloud Resources <br /> have been handed off to the Customer and will remain in effect until the end of the initial service <br /> term ("Initial Term"), provided that those Orders will renew automatically for successive terms <br /> Veeam Service Agreement(Global) iland <br /> Version 4.9 Confidential <br />