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RENTAL CONTRACT <br />Service Center: <br />4646 East Van Buren <br />Phoenix, AZ 85008 <br />Phone: (800) 456-1751 <br />RANCHO PALOS VERDES CITY OF <br />ATTN: COMMUNITY DEVELOP <br />30940 HAWTHORNE BLVD <br />RANCHO PALOS VERDES CA 90275-5391 <br />Bill To Account Number: 10084601 <br />RANCHO PALOS VERDES CITY OF <br />DEPT. OF BLDG AND SAFETY <br />30940 HAWTHORNE BLVD <br />RANCHO PALOS VERDES CA 90275-5391 <br />Deliver To: <br />Your Reference: <br />Contract Start Date:02/05/2015 <br />Delivery Date:02/05/2015 <br />PO #:20190037 <br />Contract #:M298247569 <br />Terms: Net 30 Days Sales Person: <br /> Product Description Qty Amount <br />25ZJ 25'X 10' PREMIUM DOORS ON BOTH ENDS(min 1 rental period) <br />MMI#:___________________________ ISO#:_____________________ <br />Personal Property Expense <br />1 $ 120.00 <br /> $ 5.04 <br />per period <br />per period <br />PICKUP 1 $ 215.00 <br />Total Rental Charges <br />Total Misc. Charges <br />Other fees and charges <br /> Total <br />$ 125.04 <br />$ 215.00 <br /> $ 30.6 <br />$ 370.64 <br />NOTE: THIS IS NOT A BILL, YOU WILL RECEIVE A SEPARATE INVOICE <br />DELIVERY INFORMATION <br />Door Location: Preferred Time: Call First: <br />Instructions:Reservation 1273917 Please call 30 Mins prior to Delivery NEED WIDE LOAD PERMITT <br />XStreet1: XStreet2: <br />Site Contact:Desirea 310265-7800 <br />Alternate Site Contact: <br />Phone: PAUL 310 265-7800 <br />Phone: <br />Cell: <br />Cell: <br />DRIVER SECTION <br />Condition of Unit:______________________________ <br />Driver Notes:__________________________________ <br />Additional Charges:____________________________ <br />Money Collected: Amount $____________________Type of Money: CASH [ ] CHECK [ ] OTHER [ ] <br />Was Site Access Agreement Signed: YES/NO <br />Driver Name:__________________________________Delivery Date:______________________ <br />Unit Damaged Upon Delivery: YES/NO Description:________________________ <br />The person signing for the Customer represents and warrants the he(she) has the authority to execute this contract. <br />______________________________________________________ <br />Customer Signature Name/Title Signature Date <br />Mobile Mini, Inc. <br />______________________________________________________ <br />By Title Date <br /> <br />This contract includes the Terms & Conditions on the reverse hereof and on the below stated website. Contract number or unit number is required when requesting a pick-up. When scheduling a pick-up, we <br />request 10 working days notice. This contract contains waivers, releases, exculpation clauses, limitations on damages, indemnity agreements, granting of contractual liens on Customer's property contained in <br />the Units on Customer's location. This Contract waives warranties and shifts risk of loss for the negligence of MMI, its agents and employees to Customer. Please visit for <br />helpful hints, safety tips, FAQ's and a copy of the Contract Terms & Conditions. You hereby request and invite Mobile Mini to enter the area where units will be placed and warrant you have surveyed and <br />inspected the location site and concluded it is appropriate for our trucks and Units. If no one is at the delivery site, you request that Mobile Mini deliver Units without supervision and hereby release and hold <br />Mobile Mini harmless from all claims for damages, costs or liabilities, to roadways, grounds, buildings and personal property in or around the Unit's location.