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From: RPV Mayor Brian Camp oe I <campbe ll rpy@gma il com > <br />Date: Octo er 5, 2017 at ~:10 :37 PM .PDT <br />Subject: RPV Council R a ce - K e ep i t accurate ple ase! <br />Reply-To: campbe ll rpv@gmaj l com <br />ANO MADE PART OF TH E RECO <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF:-~+-'-.._._,__.__ <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK <br />Hi, just a reminder that you're receiving this email because you have expressed an interest in the RPV <br />City Council <br />You may un subscrjbe if you no longer wish to receive our emails. <br />11 uke I <br />Accuracy in Campaign Messages <br />I'm disappointed in this approach. Its patently unfair to all. of the candidates to <br />engage in this type of activity. <br />The vast majority of the community in my opinion prefers tha cam ai <br />operatives refrain fro smearin of these six individuals who have the <br />courage o run for local office . While they should all be vigorously vetted on the <br />issues during the campaign, they all deserve our respect and honest dialog . <br />There are plenty of worthy topics and positions to openly debate and discuss <br />in this council race. I think the community prefers that we focus on those. <br />As the current mayor of RPV, I think its important that we all do our part to set <br />an example to help ensure a campaign season that at the end of the day we <br />are proud of. <br />Thanks for reading,