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October 3, 2017 <br />The Honorable Edmund G Brown, Jr. <br />Governor, State of California <br />State Capitol, pt Floor <br />Sacramento, CA 95814 <br />VIA FACSIMILE: (916) 558 -3160 <br />SUBJECT: SB 649 (Hueso). Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (as <br />enrolled) REQUEST FOR VETO <br />Dear Governor Brown: <br />The City of Rancho Palos Verdes respectfully requests your veto of SB 649 (Hueso), <br />which seeks to eliminate public input, eliminate reasonable local environmental and <br />design review, mandate the forced leasing of publicly owned infrastructure, and <br />eliminate the ability for local governments to negotiate fair leases or any public benefit <br />for the installation of "small cell" wireless equipment on taxpayer-funded property. <br />While local agency opposition to SB 649 is not new, the bases for such opposition have <br />been misconstrued and misrepresented by the proponents since the inception of this <br />bill. Foremost, the City understands the federally -preempted status of Radio Frequency <br />(RF) emissions and we are not -and never have -opposed SB 649 on preempted <br />grounds of RF emissions. Rather, our opposition stems from valid considerations of <br />public safety, aesthetics, resource conservation, public transparency, and protecting our <br />citizens' rights to provide meaningful feedback on critical land -use decisions that have a <br />real impact upon private properties and the public lands adjacent to them. <br />I. SB 649 Has Proceeded Through The Legislature Under Color Of Gross <br />Factual & Legal Misrepresentations. <br />The wireless industry has grossly misrepresented the actual environmental impacts of <br />SB 649, and those misrepresentations are entrenched in the bill itself. For example : <br />A. "Small Cells" are Not Small: The plain language of SB 649 gives the wireless <br />industry the ability to install extremely large equipment, 6 cubic feet worth of <br />antennas and 21 cubic feet worth of equipment (about the size of a twin bed) on <br />"vertical infrastructure" like street lights, traffic signals, and stop signs without <br />requiring the industry to show that it is unable to deliver smaller equipment to <br />protect public safety and aesthetic interests. Further, the bill allows the industry <br />to place up to 35 cubic feet (about the size of a commercial refrigerator) of <br />01203.0015/413046.2