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Comments by R. Gene Dewey <br />To RPV City Council on Aug 1, 2017 regarding the Ladera Linda Park Master Plan <br />Good evening Mayor Campbell and city council members. My name is Gene Dewey, I am a resident of <br />Ladera Linda and the past president of the Ladera Linda HOA for fiscal year 2016-2017, During the past <br />fiscal year our neighborhood has been concerned and involved with the LL Park Master planning <br />process. Early on in the process after a meeting with the P & R department we held an e-mail survey <br />with three questions. Keep LL Park as is, New Park or Don't know. Out of thirty responses, twenty seven <br />were in favor of keeping it as is, with three opting for a new park. At a city council meeting on October <br />18, 2016 a number of our residents showed up to speak with divergent views on what they would like to <br />see. Mickey Rodich the current president of the LLHOA suggested we hold a special meeting to see if we <br />could reach a consensus on the matter. <br />The first special meeting since the incorporation of the LLHOA in 1964 was held on December 5, 2016 <br />with over fifty residents of LL, nine from Seaview and two from Mediterranea in attendance, plus email <br />proxies from another thirty residents. All of the attendees except a couple along with the 30 proxy <br />votes agreed to submit our consensus recommendation to P & Rand the City Council agreeing that a <br />new low profile facility was the favored choice. A few residents suggested an amendment to the motion <br />to incorporate into our document a request for a cost estimate to rehab a portion of the present facility. <br />There were concerns and disagreements as to how many parking spaces, should be there, view issues <br />for Seaview residents who were concerned about park users being able to look directly into their back <br />yards if the shrubbery along the fence is removed. There were concerns about the increased activity <br />and noise this facility will bring to our neighborhood along with the increase in crime. During the past <br />couple of weeks we have had numerous break-ins of vehicles and residences in our neighborhood and in <br />the Sea View area ,as a result our residents are very concerned and some of the elderly residents are <br />scared. <br />The proposal that is presented for the new LL Park captures the wishes of the majority of our residents. <br />There are parking issue s, view issues and security issues that need to be addressed going forward, but <br />we thank the City Council for instructing the P & R dept that" less is more " and we also thank P & R for <br />listening to our concerns and suggestions. <br />Thank You <br />1\ <br />AGENDA ITEM: '+ <br />REC ~;\~M De;;r-l ~ <br />ANO MADE PART OF THE~w AT THE <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF: . I \I <br />of*fillCI 01' THI CITV Cl.•RK