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City of RANCHO PALOS VERDES <br />Community Development Department <br />GRADING PERMIT <br />The purpose of a grading permit is lo ensure that ear1h movement associated with the development <br />of a property preserves the natural scenic character of the area and occurs in a manor harmonious <br />with adjacent land so as to minimize adverse impacts and maintain the visual continujjy_Qi.lb_e ar~g_ <br />without unsightly continuous _ benching of building sit~s AC'tording to 1Section 17.76.940.of the <br />City's Development Code, there are three types of grading permits that may be issued with this <br />application. These are described below . <br />I. QOjpgr Gca£1jpg Permj~ required for all earthwork projects which involv~ny of the following: <br />1. An excavation. fill, or combination thereof, in excess of twenty (20) cubic yards <br />l exclusive of footing and foundation wall excavations) in any two (2) year period on a <br />slope of less than 35%. <br />2. An excavation three (3) feet or more, but less than five (5) feet below natural grade. or <br />a fill three (3) feet or more. but less than five (5) feet above naturai grade on a slope <br />less than 35%. <br />II. Major Grading Permit~required for all earthwork projects which involve any of the following: <br />1. An excavation or fill, or combination thereof, in excess of fifty (50) cubic yards in any <br />two (2) year period; <br />2 . An excavation five (5) feet or more below natural grade or fill five (5) feet or more <br />above natural grade; <br />3. Any excavation or fill which encroaches on or alters a natural drainage channel or <br />water cour · and <br />4 . Unless otherwise exempted, an excavation or fill on an extreme slope (i.e . 35% or <br />great). <br />Ill. t)emedial Gradins Permi~ required for excavations, fill or any redistribution o·f earth <br />matenals for the purpose of enhancing soil stability and/or reducing geotechnical hazards <br />due to natural land movement or the presence of natural hazards. Grading Applications for <br />remedial grading shall be accompanied by geological and/or soils reports which justify the <br />need for the remedial grading and indicate that the grading will not aggravate the existing <br />soils and/or geologic conditions . <br />Required Application Filing Fees <br />-·-$190 for a Minor Grading Permit <br />__ $2,345 for a Major Grading Permit -Director level Review <br />_ $3,31?. for a Major Grading Permit -Planning Commission level Review <br />__ $4 for Data Entry Fee <br />__ $18 for Historic Data Input (one time fee per properly)