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March 7, 2017 <br />Mayor Campbell, Mayor ProTem Duhovic, and Councilmembers Brooks, Dyda, and Misetich <br />I am in complete agreement with Eva Cicoria's letter on vehicle access in the Preserve. I want <br />to enlarge on a couple of points: <br />1. First, a little history that some are not familiar with. The acquisition of the PV Nature Pre- <br />serve was made possible through procurement of LA County and State bonds which were <br />specifically stated for the acquisition of 'critical natural lands and wildlife habitat.' We had to <br />prove that. Those funds covered more than 85% of the total cost. In addition, donations <br />from the local community mounted to 15% of the total cost. The voters and local donors <br />agreed to the commitment that the funds were for the purchase of critical open space and <br />should be managed as such; not as an urban park with 4 to 6 foot wide jeep roads that will <br />grow in width due to parking, passing, and the like. The property possesses wildlife and <br />habitat of great importance: the Coastal Sage Scrub Habitat provides a high quality envi- <br />ronment for the CA Gnatcatcher, Coastal Cactus Wren, El Segundo BlueButterfly, and Pa- <br />los Verdes Blue Butterfly. Preserve visitors cherish the songs of birds, the solitude, <br />walking on winding narrow trails and the feeling of being close to nature. <br />2. Second, I agree to limiting vehicle access to essential needs and NOT for convenience & <br />ease of operation. I disagree that a roadway is required for public safety & to handle emer- <br />gencies. A problem could arise anywhere. For example, back in 2005 or thereabouts, a <br />woman on a PV Nature Walk badly sprained her ankle on Rim Trail. Bad spot and difficult <br />to retrieve her even on foot. So a helicopter was brought in, dropped down on one rail, the <br />woman & her basket stretcher were tied to the helicopter. She was flown up to Del Cerro, <br />downloaded to an ambulance and off to the hospital. Very efficient and very clean and no <br />vehicles were used on the trail. Also if the sheriffs were to chase after a recalcitrant biker in <br />a Polaris, good luck. The biker is more agile, can dart into a narrow trail or go cross country. <br />The Preserve would rather let the bike go than suffer more bruises and disturbed habitat. <br />I understand the importance of developing a plan to control utility truck access. I object to daily <br />use of a Polaris. They are 5 feet wide, have extremely heavy tread, gas driven, noisy, and po/- <br />luting which detracts from the purpose of the Preserve. Please read Eva's letter carefully, study <br />all the photos and consider how and why we acquired this very special gam. in our back yards. <br />Violating and not respecting commitments made to secure the funds could create conflict with <br />the resource agencies and local donors; something to avoid. <br />Barbara Ailor <br />PVPLC Volunteer Y.'~trl~~~~~~~~--,,.·-~,"ff,:;'::;; <br />RECEl\IEv FFloM-~.~~- <br />/.\NO MADE ft. PAFH OF THE RECORD AT THE <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF:_.21_1.)_l'l.~·~- <br />OFFICE OF lHE CITY CL.ERK <br />CITY CLERK