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LOS ANGELES COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT <br />CONTRACT CITY LAW ENFORCEMENT SERVICES <br />Service Level Authorization <br />SH -AD 575 <br />CITY: Rancho Palos Verdes FISCAL YEAR: 2018-2019 EFFECTIVE DATE: 7/1/2018 <br />Estimated Cost for Service Units: $ 6,253,680.98 Total Liability (10.5%): $ 656,636.50 Estimated Subtotal: $ 6,910,317.48 <br />Public Safety Equipment Cost (See page 3): $ 9,300.00 <br />The terms of this Service Level Authorization (SH -AD 575) will remain in effect until a subsequent SH -AD S75 is signed and received by LASD. <br />LASSDD Approval By: Report Prepared By: <br />:yt zfl— �) i (0-,-� `' t- Andrew Cruz 5/4/20. <br />UNIT COMMANDER NAME ISIGNATURE DATE SERGEANT Date <br />City Approval By: <br />j� "I ce�rtyi°fy that I am authorized to ma - t s co m�&E <br />of the Ci y." Processed at CLEB By: <br />CITY OFFICIAL NAMEqq:tATE-11 SERGEANT Date <br />SH -AD 575 (REV. 04/18) Page 1 of 3 <br />