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<br />PUBLIC HEARING <br />Date: June 5, 2018 <br />Subject: Consideration and possible action to approve the redesigned residence for 11 <br />Nantasket Drive (Lot No. 1) and approve revisions to the City Council-approved height, <br />grading quantity, and lot coverage conditions of approval for 11 and 21 Nantasket <br />Drive (Case Nos. PLRV2018-0010 and -0011) <br />Subject Property/Location: 11 Nantasket Drive and 21 Nantasket Drive <br />1. Report of Notice Given: City Clerk <br />2. Request for Staff Report: Mayor Brooks <br />3. Staff Report & Recommendation: Amy Seeraty, Senior Planner <br />4. Council Questions of Staff (factual and without bias): <br />5. Declare Public Hearing Open: Mayor Brooks <br />6. Public Testimony: <br />Principal Parties 10 Minutes Each. The appellant or their representative speaks first and will generally be allowed ten minutes. If the <br />applicant is different from the appellant, the applicant or their representative will speak following the appellant and will also be <br />allowed ten minutes to make a presentation. <br />A. Applicant: Allen Wix (Wix Design) <br />Property Owner: Dana Ireland <br />i. Mayor Brooks invites the Applicant to speak. (10 mins.) <br />B. Testimony from members of the public: <br />The normal time limit for each speaker is three (3) minutes. The Presiding Officer may grant additional time to a representative speaking <br />for an entire group. The Mayor also may adjust the time limit for individual speakers depending upon the number of speakers who <br />intend to speak. <br /> <br />7. Rebuttal: Mayor Brooks invites brief rebuttals by Appellant and Applicant. (3 mins) <br />Normally, the applicants and appellants will be limited to a three (3) minute rebuttal, if requested after all other interested persons have <br />spoken. <br />8. Council Questions of Appellant (factual and without bias): <br />9. Council Questions of Applicant (factual and without bias): <br />10. Declare Hearing Closed/or Continue the Public Hearing to a later date: Mayor Brooks <br />11. Council Deliberation: The Council may ask staff to address questions raised by the testimony, or <br />to clarify matters. Staff and/or Council may also answer questions posed by speakers during their <br />testimony. The Council will then debate and/or make motions on the matter. <br /> <br />12. Council Action: The Council may: vote on the item; offer amendments or substitute motions to <br />decide the matter; reopen the hearing for additional testimony; continue the matter to a later date <br />for a decision.