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RANCHO PALOS VERDES CITY COUNCIL <br />AGENDA REPORT <br />AGENDA DESCRIPTION: <br />MEETING DATE: 09/05/2017 <br />AGENDA HEADING: Consent Calendar <br />Consideration and possible action to award a professional services agreement to <br />Digiscura LLC to complete final design for two internal exhibits at the Point Vicente <br />Interpretive Center. <br />RECOMMENDED COUNCIL ACTION: <br />(1) Award a Professional Services Agreement to Digiscura LLC, in a form approved <br />by the City Attorney, to complete final design for two internal exhibits at the Point <br />Vicente Interpretive Center for the not -to -exceed amount of $67,000. <br />FISCAL IMPACT: None <br />Amount Budgeted: <br />Additional Appropriation <br />Account Number(s): <br />$67,000 <br />N/A <br />228-400-8501-8004-`; <br />ORIGINATED BY: Daniel Trautner, Deputy Director of Recreation and Parks <br />REVIEWED BY: Cory Linder, Director of Recreation and Parks 4/rL_ <br />APPROVED BY: Doug Willmore, City Manager;z",ry,-1 <br />ATTACHED SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS: <br />A. Professional Services Agreement (page A-1) <br />B. Digiscura LLC proposal (page B-1) <br />C. Scope and Cost Proposal (page C-1) <br />BACKGROUND AND DISCUSSION: <br />When the Point Vicente Interpretive Center (PVIC) reopened in 2007, funds were not <br />available to complete all desired exhibits. At that time, the Los Serenos de Point <br />Vicente Docents (Docents) committed to raising funds in support of completing the <br />exhibits. In April 2009, the Docents transferred $271,000 to the City strictly for <br />completing these exhibits (Phase II). Over the years, the City has raised additional <br />funds through the sale of PVIC amphitheater plaques, whale walk plaques and exhibit <br />sponsorships. The most -recent Donor Restricted Contributions Fund balance is <br />$877,272. <br />In 2010, Storyline Studio -Exhibition Planning and Design, in association with the former <br />"Annenberg Project," provided the City with a draft concept design document for the <br />completion of PVIC Phase II. The Docents and City were heavily involved with helping <br />Storyline Studio capture the vision for the future design of the PVIC Museum. <br />1 <br />