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i.r•.r.,......y.air_. _ _ . <br /> • <br /> • • <br /> • <br /> DEFERRED COMPEL:SATION PROGRAM <br /> SAVINGS PRODUCT AGREEMENT <br /> THIS AGREEMENT is entered into on <br /> 197E! , between the City of Rancho Palos rid <br /> a City , hereaffter referred fo as <br /> "Political Subdivision" and GREAT WESTERN SAVINGS AND LOAN <br /> ASSOCIATION, a California corporation, hereafter referred <br /> to as. "Great Western. " <br /> RECITALS <br /> A. Political Subdivision, pursuant to Resolution No. <br /> • <br /> 77-71 of its governing body has established an Employees' <br /> Deferred Compensation Plan ("Plan") , a copy of which is <br /> attached as Exhibit A hereto. The Plan applies to each <br /> employee of Political Subdivision who executes a .ar_ t is i pa•- <br /> p p <br /> tion agreement in accordance with the Plan and files it with <br /> the Treasurer of Political Subdivision ("Participant") . <br /> B. This Agreement sets forth the manner by which <br /> Political Subdivision will invest Plan funds with Great <br /> Western and Great Western will accept such funds for invest-- <br /> trent and will account for such funds on a regular basis. <br /> C. This Agreement also sets forth the manner in which <br /> the Plan will administered as determined by Political <br />