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f - <br /> r <br /> It <br /> LICENSE AGREEMENT <br /> SITE #R060 <br /> This Agreement is made and entered into this 2nd day of December ,1997,by <br /> and between the City of Rancho Palos Verdes (hereinafter "City") and Los Angeles Cellular <br /> Telephone Company, (hereinafter referred to as "Company"). <br /> RECITALS <br /> WHEREAS, City is the owner of certain real property in the City of Rancho Palos <br /> Verdes commonly referred to as Robert E. Ryan Community Park(herein referred to as"Property"). <br /> WHEREAS, Company desires to install and maintain underground <br /> telecommunication facilities, on a portion of Property in order to upgrade the Company's Cellular <br /> Telephone System, (herein referred to as "Project"). <br /> WHEREAS, City desires to cooperate with Company and allow the Company to <br /> perform certain work on City's Property, as described below; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, THE PARTIES HERETO AGREE AS FOLLOWS: <br /> 1. In consideration of the mutual benefits to be arrived to both the City and Company <br /> and to facilitate construction of the Project and maintenance of the Project after construction has <br /> been completed, City hereby grants to Company: <br /> (a) The right to enter upon Property; <br /> (b) The right to perform minor grading and trench construction, in the area as <br /> shown on the attached exhibit which is made a part hereof by this reference, so as to complete <br /> construction. <br /> (c) The right to re-enter Property to maintain, repair or replace Project. <br /> 2. This Agreement will start on December 1, 1997 and end on November 30, 2002 (the <br /> "Initial Term"), except if this Agreement is terminated earlier for the reasons provided in this <br /> Agreement or if the term is extended as provided herein. <br /> 3. The Initial Term will automatically be extended 3 consecutive times for 5 years each <br /> time, unless Company or City notifies the other party of it's desire to terminate this Agreement, at <br /> least 12 months before the end of the Initial Term (or, if this Agreement has been extended, the <br /> expiration of the extension then in effect). <br /> 4. During the term of this Agreement, Company will pay City a license fee of$200.00 <br /> per month. Effective on the day after the expiration of the first full 12-month period of this <br /> Agreement and on the day after the expiration of each subsequent 12-month period, the license <br /> fee will be increased by five percent (5%) throughout the term of this Agreement. <br /> I:1WP_DATAILARRY\RO60-2LIC.DOC <br /> r•‘bAtethe-74 <br /> W rt6et'*-- <br />