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' L <br /> BUILDING LEASE AGREEMENT <br /> THIS BUILDING LEASE AGREEMENT, made and entered into on <br /> this 1st day of July, 1994, by and between the CITY OF RANCHO <br /> PALOS VERDES as owner of 30940 Hawthorne Boulevard, Rancho Palos <br /> Verdes, California, 90274 , hereinafter the "LESSOR" and SOUTHERN <br /> CALIFORNIA EDISON COMPANY, hereinafter the "LESSEE" , <br /> WITNESSETH THAT: <br /> WHEREAS, LESSOR is the owner of certain real property, <br /> hereinafter "LESSOR's Property" , located at 30940 Hawthorne <br /> Boulevard, in the City of Rancho Palos Verdes in Los Angeles <br /> County, California; and, <br /> WHEREAS, LESSEE desires to lease a portion of such <br /> property, hereinafter the "Property", together with a <br /> right-of-way for access and utilities; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and of <br /> the mutual obligations, agreements, representations and <br /> warranties herein contained, the parties hereby agree to the <br /> following terms, covenants and conditions: <br /> 1. THE PROPERTY <br /> A. The legal description of LESSOR's Property is <br /> contained in Exhibit "Al" attached hereto and by this reference <br /> incorporated herein. <br /> B. The Property which is the subject of this lease is <br /> contained within a two-story building on LESSOR's Property, and <br /> consists of interior space of approximately one hundred ten (110) <br /> square feet, located on the second floor of the Catalina wing, <br /> and antenna tower space adjacent to the building, and utility <br /> cable space as reasonably required to connect the second floor <br /> space to antennae on the adjacent tower, and is situated <br /> substantially as shown on Exhibit "A2" , which exhibit is attached <br /> hereto and by this reference incorporated herein. LESSEE's <br /> rights to all Property and the easement right described in <br /> Section 2 shall terminate upon the expiration or sooner <br /> termination of this Lease. If Air Touch Cellular or its <br /> successor in interest (hereinafter collectively referred to as <br /> "Air Touch Cellular") shall remove its antenna tower for any <br /> reason, Lessee shall furnish its own antenna tower subject to all <br /> applicable Federal, State, and City approvals, rules, <br /> regulations, and ordinances. <br /> 2 . LEASE AND IRREVOCABLE EASEMENT <br /> A. In consideration of the lease payments by LESSEE <br /> to LESSOR as agreed to herein, LESSOR hereby leases the Property <br /> to LESSEE and grants to LESSEE (during the term of this lease) an <br /> irrevocable, non-exclusive easement for ingress and egress (seven <br /> [7] days a week, twenty-four [24] hours a day) and to install and <br /> maintain underground utility wire, cable, conduits and pipes <br /> between the Property and the nearest public right-of-way. The <br /> location of such easement (s) shall be subject to the LESSOR's <br /> prior written approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably <br /> withheld or delayed, and LESSOR shall nave the right to change <br /> the location of the easement for ingress and egress from time to <br /> time, provided that LESSOR continues to provide LESSEE with <br /> access to LESSEE's utility wires, cables, conduits and pipes for <br /> maintenance purposes. <br /> 3 . TERM AND RENT <br /> A. This Lease Agreement shall be for an initial term <br /> of ten (10) years beginning on the first day of July, 1994 , at an <br /> Annual Rent of Five Thousand Four Hundred Dollars ($5, 400) , which <br /> 940804 R6876-00001 pjn 0691469 3 <br />