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1 , C-1:( <br /> ikr <br /> FIRST ADDENDUM TO COMPUTER NETWORK SERVICES <br /> AGREEMENT <br /> This First Addendum to the Computer Network Service Agreement (the "First <br /> Addendum"), dated September 20, 2005, is entered into by and between the City of <br /> Rancho Palos Verdes, a municipal corporation (the "City"), and Palos Verdes on the <br /> NET, Computer Technology Center, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation <br /> ("Consultant") as follows: <br /> RECITALS: <br /> A. City and Consultant entered into a Computer Network Services Agreement (the <br /> "Agreement"), dated September 2, 1998, regarding the installation, maintenance, <br /> on-going training and support services of the City's Information Technology <br /> system. <br /> B. Consultant continues to provide services in accordance with the Agreement. <br /> C. City and Consultant wishes to amend the Agreement pursuant to the terms and <br /> conditions contained in this First Addendum. Except as amended by this First <br /> Addendum, all other provisions of the Agreement shall remain in effect. <br /> D. City desires for Consultant to implement Phase 2 of the City's geographic <br /> information system (hereafter "GIS System"), including the upgrade of a <br /> dedicated server, installation of the ESRI ArcIMS server-based software to <br /> enable access to the GIS server by City Hall network users, installation of a <br /> multi-user desktop software for concurrent use and any other necessary GIS <br /> desktop software, to provide on-going training, support and consulting services <br /> regarding the GIS System and to develop, or assist City staff with the <br /> development of certain database and graphical theme layers for the City's GIS <br /> System, the combination which hereafter shall be referred to as the GIS System. <br /> E. Consultant shall provide GIS services described herein pursuant to this First <br /> Addendum to Computer Services Agreement. <br /> AGREEMENT: <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, in mutual consideration of the foregoing and for other good <br /> and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby <br /> acknowledged, the parties hereby agree to revise the Computer Network Services <br /> Agreement (the "Agreement"), dated September 2, 1998, as follows: <br /> Section 1. The Agreement is amended by adding the following Section 1, entitled <br />