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• <br /> NI RICHARDS WATSON GERON <br /> • <br /> ���re ATTORNEYS AT LAW—A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION <br /> 355 South Grand Avenue,40th Floor,Los Angeles,California 90071-3101 <br /> Telephone 213.626.8484 Facsimile 213.626.0078 <br /> RICHARD RICHARDS April 3, 2007 <br /> (1916-1988) <br /> GLENN R.WATSON <br /> (RETIRED) Carolyn Lehr <br /> HARRY L GERSHON <br /> (RETIRED) City Manager <br /> STEVEN L DORSEY City of Rancho Palos Verdes <br /> WILLIAM L STRAUSZ <br /> MITCHELL E.ABBOTT 30950 Hawthorne Boulevard <br /> GREGORY W.STEPANICICH <br /> 10=EB!IRRt?DWNSRancho Palos Verdes California 90275 <br /> ELL <br /> QUINN M.BARROW <br /> CAROL W.LYNCH <br /> GREGORY M.KUNERT <br /> THOMAS M.JIMBO Dear Carolyn: <br /> ROBERT C.CECCON <br /> STEVEN H.KAU FMAN N <br /> KEVIN G.ENNIS <br /> ROBIN D.HARRIS Effective January 1, 2007, the Firm increased its standard hourly rates,which are applied to <br /> MICHAEL ESTRADA <br /> LAURENCE RR <br /> STEVEN RR. services that the Firm provides to the City, the Redevelopment Agency and the Improvement <br /> .ORR <br /> B.TILDEN KIM <br /> SAS KIA T.ASAMURA Authority. The new standard rates are set forth in the attachment to this letter. As you may <br /> ASA <br /> KAYSER O.SUME <br /> PETER M.THORSON know, under our contract with the City,these rates are reduced by fifteen percent and only <br /> JAMES L MARKMAN <br /> CRAIG A.STEELE apply to litigation and other special services, as defined in the contract. A copy of the current <br /> T.PETER PIERCE <br /> TERENCE R.BOGA contract is attached for your information. <br /> LISA BOND <br /> JANET E.COLESON <br /> ROXANNE M.DIAZ <br /> JIM G.GRAYSON <br /> ROY A.CLARKS This rate increase does not affect our existing rate of$165.00 per hour for the"general <br /> WILLIAM P.CURLEY III <br /> MICHAEL F.YOSHIBA services"that we provide to the City,the Redevelopment Agency and the Improvement <br /> REGINA N.DANNER <br /> PAULA GUTIERREZ BAEZA Authority. In our telephone conversation today, I mentioned to you that we last increased our <br /> TERESA HO-URANO <br /> BRUCE W.GALLOWAY rate for providing general services in June, 2005. I propose that the City approve another <br /> DIANA K.CHUANG <br /> MARGUERITE P.BATTERSBY increase from$165 to $175 per hour for the general services that we provide,which would <br /> BILLY D.DUNSMORE <br /> AMY GREYSON become effective on July 1,2007. <br /> DEBORAH R.HAKMAN <br /> D.CRAIG FOX <br /> ROBERT H.PITTMAN <br /> ALEXANDER ABBE <br /> PATRICK K.BOBKO Prior to the rate increase for general services that went into effect in 2005, we had not <br /> DAVID M.SNOW <br /> LOLLY A.ENRIQUEZ increased the rate for general services for several years,which meant that a rather significant <br /> KIRSTEN R.BOWMAN <br /> G.INDER KHALSA increase (of$20.00 per hour)occurred at that time. Even with that increase,the $165.00 per <br /> GINETTA L GIOVINCO <br /> TRISHAE <br /> CANDICE hour rate for general services was still below the standard rate that we charge our other public <br /> KK..LEE <br /> DAVID G.ALDERSON <br /> MELISSA C.LAUZARDO law clients for those services, which is $175.00 per hour. In connection with granting that <br /> MARICELA E.MARROQUIN <br /> BRIAN D.MABEE increase,the City Council stated that the Council preferred to have the rate be increased more <br /> GENA M.STINNETT <br /> JENNIFER PETRUSIS frequently by a smaller amount,which is why I am proposing the increase to $175.00 per <br /> STEVEN L FLOWER <br /> ROBERT C.HORTON <br /> MATTHEW E.COHEN hour at this time. <br /> ANDREW TAM <br /> DEBBIE Y.CHO <br /> GEOFFREY WARD <br /> ERIN L POWERS Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this letter. <br /> OF COUNSEL <br /> MARK L LAMKEN <br /> SAYRE WEAVER Very truly yours, <br /> WILLIAM K.KRAMER <br /> NORMAN A.DUPONT <br /> JIM R.KARPIAK <br /> SAN FRANCISCO OFFICE <br /> TELEPHONE 415.421.8484 /�. <br /> ORANGE COUNTY OFFICE Carol W. Lynch / <br /> TELEPHONE 714.990.0901yn <br /> Enclosures <br /> R6876-0001\961821 v 1.doc <br />