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ti <br /> TRANSITION AGREEMENT AND GENERAL RELEASE <br /> This Transition Agreement and General Release ("Agreement") is entered into by <br /> and between Carolyn R. Lehr("Employee"), an individual, and the City of Rancho Palos <br /> Verdes, a California municipal corporation("Employer" or"City"), as of the date set <br /> forth below. <br /> Recitals <br /> A. Employee is employed as the City Manager for Employer. <br /> B. Employee is appointed by, and serves at the pleasure of, the City Council as an at- <br /> will employee. Either Employee or Employer may end the employment relationship at <br /> any time, with or without cause. <br /> C. Employee and Employer have entered into a Fourth Amended and Restated <br /> Employment Agreement, as of July 5, 2011, as modified by the First Amendment to that <br /> agreement as of September 23, 2011 ("Employment Agreement"). Pursuant to its terms, <br /> unless sooner terminated, the Employment Agreement terminates on June 30, 2014. <br /> D. On December 12, 2013, Employee notified the City Council that she does not <br /> want to extend her current Employment Agreement beyond June 30, 2014. The content <br /> of Employee's letter to Employer is set forth in Exhibit"A"hereto. Accordingly,the <br /> parties mutually understand and agree that there will be no extension to the term of the <br /> Employment Agreement, and that their employment relationship will cease at the <br /> conclusion of the Employment Agreement on June 30, 2014. <br /> E. Employer and Employee desire to provide for a smooth transition for both the <br /> City and Employee. Employee desires to ensure continuity at the City during this <br /> transition, as requested by the City Council and as outlined in this Agreement. <br /> NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the above recitals and of the mutual <br /> promises set forth below, the parties hereby agree: <br /> 1. Conclusion of Employment. <br /> A. The parties mutually agree that their employment relationship will end at the <br /> conclusion of the Employment Agreement, specifically on June 30, 2014. Unless <br /> Employee sooner resigns or Employer sooner terminates the employment relationship, as <br /> provided in the Employment Agreement, Employee will continue as City Manager <br /> through June 30, 2014. <br /> B. Prior to the conclusion of employment,the parties have agreed to a transition <br /> plan, as outlined below. Employee acknowledges and agrees that the professional <br /> courtesies and consideration she will receive during the transition period, including <br /> Employer's forbearance in ending the employment relationship for any period of time <br /> R6876.1076.1667625v11 1 <br />