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AGREEMENT <br /> FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES <br /> THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into as of this ay of March 2005, <br /> by and between the City of Rancho Palos Verdes, a municipal corporation, hereinafter <br /> designated as "City", and Helenschmidt Geotechnical, Inc., hereinafter designated <br /> "Consultant." <br /> RECITALS <br /> A. City desires to utilize the services of Consultant's employee, Stanley <br /> Helenschmidt, to be a member of the Geotechnical Board of Appeals (the "Board") that <br /> will provide City with independent third-party review of certain conflicting geological <br /> and/or geotechnical data that has been prepared in connection with proposed projects <br /> within the City. The stated purpose of the Board is to hear appeals from the <br /> determinations of the City's geotechnical consultant as to whether or not, by reason of <br /> geologic or soils conditions, a building site or proposed grading work is unsafe, or one <br /> or more geologic or soils reports are required before the safety of such site or work can <br /> be determined, and to review the adequacy of geological and soils reports. <br /> B. Consultant represents that Mr. Helenschmidt is qualified to perform such <br /> services by virtue of his experience, training, education and expertise. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of performance by the parties of the <br /> mutual promises, covenants, and conditions herein contained, the parties hereto agree <br /> as follows: <br /> 1 <br />