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• • <br /> PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> FOR GEOTECHNICAL CONSULTING SERVICES <br /> THIS AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is made and entered into this 17th day of May, 2011, <br /> by and between the CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES, hereinafter referred to as "CITY", <br /> and Kling Consulting Group, Inc., hereinafter referred to as "CONSULTANT." <br /> RECITALS <br /> The City wishes to use the professional services of Consultant to provide geology, soils <br /> engineering and geotechnical engineering consulting services to City on an as-needed basis; <br /> and, <br /> Consultant has represented that it has a unique and specialized knowledge and <br /> understanding of, and experience with, geotechnical engineering, soils engineering and <br /> engineering geology and is qualified to perform said services for City. <br /> AGREEMENT <br /> IN CONSIDERATION of the foregoing recitals and the covenants hereinafter set forth, <br /> the parties hereto mutually agree as follows: <br /> ARTICLE I <br /> SCOPE OF CONSULTANT'S SERVICES <br /> When requested by the City, Consultant shall perform the following services in a <br /> professional manner: <br /> A. Field Reviews. Perform site field inspections of proposed construction as requested by <br /> the Building Official, City Engineer or their designee. Make a visual evaluation and <br /> submit a written memorandum stating findings and recommendations. Such site field <br /> inspections are typically performed during plan check to determine if soils and/or <br /> geologic reports are required. Consultant shall perform field review of a given site only <br /> where the City has established a valid plan check, trust deposit, or other payment <br /> schedule for billing time charges. Consultant shall submit field review reports no later <br /> than the following working day. <br /> B. Review Geotechnical Reports. <br /> Review the following types of soils and geology reports presented by City: <br /> a. Soils and/or geology investigation reports performed for proposed <br /> construction in the City; <br /> b. As-built geotechnical reports for construction, including but not limited to <br /> reports for caissons, retaining walls, and so forth; <br /> c. As-graded reports for grading of single lots and/or larger subdivisions in the <br /> City; and <br /> d. Other reports of inspection and testing of compacted fills that are placed in <br /> the City. <br /> R6876.0001\1355641 v3.doc 1 <br />