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AMENDMENT NO. 1 <br /> TO AGREEMENT FOR CONTRACTUAL SERVICES <br /> THIS AMENDMENT TO THE AGREEMENT FOR CONTRACTUAL SERVICES <br /> ("AMENDMENT") by and between the CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES ("CITY") and <br /> Rocco Sigona ("CONTRACTOR") is effective as of the 19th day of April, 2016. <br /> RECITALS <br /> A. CITY and CONTRACTOR entered into that certain AGREEMENT for Contractual <br /> Services dated August 18, 2015 ("AGREEMENT") whereby CONTRACTOR agreed to provide <br /> Associate Producer Services. <br /> B. CITY and CONTRACTOR now desire to amend the AGREEMENT to increase the <br /> not-to-exceed hours worked by CONTRACTOR from twenty (20) hours per week to thirty (30) <br /> hours per week and to increase the total not-to-exceed amount of the AGREEMENT to$30,000.00. <br /> TERMS <br /> 1. Contract Changes. The AGREEMENT is amended as follows: <br /> (a) Section 2.1 "Fee" subsection (a) is amended to read as follows: <br /> "CITY will compensate CONTRACTOR at the rate of$20.00 per hour, on an as-needed <br /> basis, not-to-exceed 30 hours per week, unless first approved in writing by the City Manager and <br /> her/his designee." <br /> (b) Subsection(c) is added to Section 2.1 "Fee"to read as follows: <br /> "For the services rendered pursuant to this AGREEMENT, CONTRACTOR shall be <br /> compensated in an amount not exceeding the maximum contract amount of Thirty Thousand <br /> Dollars ($30,000) ("CONTRACT SUM"). <br /> (c) Section 6.10 "Notices" is amended to include CONTRACTOR's address <br /> as follows: <br /> "If to CONTRACTOR: <br /> Mr. Rocco Sigona <br /> 164 W. 220th Street#8 <br /> Carson, CA 90745" <br /> 2. Continuing Effect of Agreement. Except as amended by this AGREEMENT, all <br /> provisions of the AGREEMENT shall remain unchanged and in full force and effect. From and <br /> - 1- <br /> 01203.0004/293388.1 <br />