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FOURTH AMENDMENT TO THE AMENDED AND <br /> RESTATED AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE CITY OF <br /> RANCHO PALOS VERDES AND THE PALOS VERDES <br /> PENINSULA LAND CONSERVANCY, A NON-PROFIT <br /> ORGANIZATION, TO JOINTLY OPERATE AND <br /> MAINTAIN A TRACT OF LAND KNOWN AS THE <br /> FORRESTAL NATURE PRESERVE AND TO CONDUCT <br /> ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS, TOURS, <br /> AND EVENTS THAT WILL ENCOURAGE <br /> PARTICIPATION IN THE PASSIVE RECREATIONAL USE <br /> OF THE PRESERVE AS AN OPEN SPACE COASTAL <br /> NATURE PRESERVE AND AUTHORIZE THE USE OF <br /> PRIVATELY AND PUBLICLY RAISED FUNDS FOR THE <br /> UPGRADING AND ENHANCEMENT OF THE PRESERVE <br /> FOR USE BY THE PUBLIC AND TO ENHANCE AND <br /> PROTECT HABITAT AND SPECIES LOCATED <br /> THEREON. <br /> This Document is the Fourth Amendment to the Operating Agreement <br /> (hereinafter, "the Agreement"), by and between the City and the Palos Verdes <br /> Peninsula Land Conservancy (hereinafter "PVPLC" or "the Conservancy"), a non- <br /> profit organization and the City of Rancho Palos Verdes (hereinafter "the City"). <br /> This Fourth Amendment is effective as of this 19th day of June, 2007. The <br /> purpose of this Fourth Amendment is to amend the Agreement to confirm that <br /> habitat and trail maintenance services provided by the PVPLC on the portions of <br /> the Oceanfront Estates (Tract Map. No. 46628) open space lots included in the <br /> Preserve are within the scope of the Agreement. <br /> Except as expressly amended herein, the Agreement shall remain in full <br /> force and effect. Together with this Fourth Amendment, the Third Amendment, <br /> the Second Amendment and the First Amendment, the Agreement sets forth the <br /> agreement between the City and the Conservancy regarding the management by <br /> the Conservancy of certain properties that are owned by the City. <br /> Section 1. Section 2.B.2 of the Agreement is hereby amended to read <br /> as follows: <br /> 2. PURPOSE <br /> B.2 The Conservancy has a management agreement with the City and is the <br /> lead entity for habitat enhancement/vegetation management, recreation <br /> management (except for educational programs through Los Serenos), and some <br /> administrative tasks, including the preparation of an annual report to the City <br /> Council. Furthermore, at the City's request, the Conservancy may perform tasks <br /> assigned to the City under the Management Plan, including fuel modification, as <br />