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L a <br /> 0 <br /> June 14,2005 <br /> Mr. Joel Rojas,AICP <br /> Planning, Building& Code Enforcement <br /> City of Rancho Palos Verdes <br /> 30940 Hawthorne Boulevard <br /> Rancho Palos Verdes,CA 90275-5391 <br /> Subject: Amendment to Agreement—RPV NCCP project <br /> URS Project No.27644296 <br /> Dear Joel: <br /> URS Corporation is pleased to submit this proposal to amend our consulting services contract for the subject <br /> project. The following is submitted for your consideration. <br /> Scope <br /> The City requested uested that Dr. Mock be available on an as-needed basis during the post-CEQA process <br /> q <br /> associated with responding to wildlife agency information requests, including GIS database queries. The <br /> p g <br /> established budget for this on-call consultant task has been set at$25,000. <br /> Schedule <br /> The scope of work of this amendment has been initiated. <br /> Cost <br /> The estimated cost of this amended budget is $25,000,of which ongoing requests for services have expended <br /> about $7,000 to date. With this amended budget, the Phase III budget is $168,686. This cost includes all <br /> labor, � P g reproduction, postage, travel, and other direct charges. All work will be billed monthly on a time-and <br /> p <br /> materials basis to the City of Rancho Palos Verdes Planning Department. <br /> URSp Corporation trusts the services outlined in this proposal meet your current requirements. If you find <br /> this proposal satisfactory, please complete the attached authorization statement to indicate your approval of <br /> p p p <br /> the complete,scope of services. A original, signed copy of this proposal returned to us will serve as URS' <br /> formal authorization top roceed. An additional copy of this proposal is provided for your files. <br /> URS Corporation <br /> 1615 Murray Canyon Road,Suite 1000 <br /> San Diego,California 92108 <br /> Tel:619-294-9400 <br /> Fax:619-293-7920 <br />