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. <br /> _. .....,_ .. <br /> United States Department of theON <br /> Interior <br /> row <br /> . ..t"---,j <br /> FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE <br /> Mall <br /> ' ...' "' Ecological Services rill <br /> -.CH 3 1� Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office" ,ib .;-;.z.: --%:" <br /> ' <br /> 2177 Salk Avenue,Suite 250 <br /> Carlsbad,California 92008 <br /> In Reply Refer To: <br /> FWS-13 B032 I-13CPA0222 <br /> SEP 0 9 2013 <br /> Danielle LeFer, Ph.D. <br /> Conservation Director <br /> Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy <br /> 916 Silver Spur Road <br /> Rolling I fills Estates, CA 90274 <br /> Subject: Coastal Program Project <br /> Award Number: F 13AC00759 <br /> Dear Dr. LeFer: <br /> Congratulations, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Coastal Program will be working with you to <br /> implement your conservation project,"Habitat Restoration at Abalone Cove Ecological <br /> Reserve." The attached landowner agreement and work plan outline the steps to achieve your <br /> project goals. <br /> Please note the upcoming work period, when the tasks identified in the attached work plan will <br /> need to be completed and invoiced. The work period must be completed within the next 5 years <br /> (by August 15, 2018); however, please do not initiate any work until the Coastal Program <br /> Biologist notifies you that all Service project compliance has been completed. Please also <br /> note the attachment that outlines the Federal Regulations pertaining to Federal Assistance and <br /> the attached landowner agreement that individual landowners involved in the project will be <br /> signing. All applicable authorities and regulations outlined in these attachments, excluding those <br /> specific to a landowner, apply to recipients of Federal Assistance. <br /> The Coastal Program Biologist will provide technical assistance throughout the entire project <br /> term to support any actions needed to ensure that the project functions as intended. You will be <br /> required to submit annual project progress and financial reports for the duration of your <br /> agreement with the Service. The reports are due on August 15`h of each year and at project <br /> close-out. The Coastal Program Biologist will assist you,as needed, with the required reports for <br /> your project. <br /> Payment Requests: <br /> ASAP Accounting Information: Use the following information to identify your award funds at: <br /> ww,w.asap. ;ov. <br /> F l 3AC00759 Coastal Program $10,000 <br />