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carrg 3a-9 <br /> LEASE AGREEMENT <br /> THIS LEASE AGREEMENT is made and entered into this 5t.11 <br /> day of September , 19 89 , by and between COUNTY SANITATION <br /> DISTRICT NO. 2 OF LOS ANGELES COUNTY, hereinafter referred to as <br /> DISTRICT NO. 2, COUNTY SANITATION DISTRICT NO. 5 OF LOS ANGELES <br /> COUNTY hereinafter referred to as DISTRICT NO. 5, both of which <br /> are special districts organized under the County Sanitation <br /> District Act (Health and Safety Code Section 4700 et sea. ) both <br /> of which are hereinafter referred to as DISTRICTS, and the CITY <br /> OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES, a Municipal Corporation, hereinafter <br /> referred to as CITY. <br /> WITNESSETH <br /> WHEREAS, DISTRICT NO. 5 is the fee simple owner of <br /> certain real property in the City of Rancho Palos Verdes, Los <br /> Angeles County, California more fully described in Exhibit "A" <br /> and illustrated on Exhibit "B", which real property is <br /> hereinafter referred to as the "Subject Property" ; and <br /> WHEREAS, legal title to the Subject Property is held by DISTRICT <br /> NO. 5 and is used as a construction staging area and for access <br /> for the maintenance and repair of two underground outfalls and <br /> appurtenant structures as needed; and <br />