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41 RANCHO PALOS VERDES <br /> OFFICE OF THE CITY MANAGER <br /> June 24, 1996 <br /> Los Angeles County Regional Park <br /> and Open Space District <br /> 433 South Vermont Ave. <br /> Los Angeles, CA 90020-1975 <br /> Attn: Karen Fullner <br /> RE: PER PARCEL DISCRETIONARY GRANT APPLICATION <br /> ABALONE COVE BEACH IMPROVEMENTS <br /> Dear Ms. Fullner: <br /> Attached is a Per Parcel Discretionary Grant Application package for the Abalone Cove <br /> Beach Improvement project. <br /> The Abalone Cove Shoreline Park and beach area is one of the more beautiful sections <br /> of the Palos Verdes Peninsula coastline. However, the public's access to this section of <br /> beach has historically been limited due to the lack of public facilities and access points. <br /> With this project, the City is proposing to improve the access to the Abalone Cove <br /> Beach area as a means of increasing the public use of the site. TheJro'ect consists of <br /> P <br /> three components: <br /> 1. Improvements to the entry road: Widen the existing entry road from <br /> Palos Verdes Drive South to the beach. <br /> 2. Additional beach parking: Install a new parking lot adjacent to the <br /> beach to accommodate approximately 50 vehicles. <br /> 3. Improvements to the main beach area: Install a public restroom facility <br /> and small meeting room/snack bar, several picnic shelters, outdoor <br /> showers, and a volleyball court at the main beach area; rehabilitate an <br /> existing building located at the main beach area; clean-up the shoreline <br /> and replenish sand at the main beach area; and improve the nearby trails. <br /> Attached to the Completed Application Form includes the followingmaterials regarding <br /> . g 9 <br /> the proposed project as requested by the Discretionary Grant Procedural Guide: <br /> Attachment 1: Authorizing Resolution by the Rancho Palos Verdes City <br /> Council <br /> Attachment 2: Project Map <br /> Attachment 3: Deed of City ownership of Abalone Cove Shoreline Park <br /> Attachment 4: Preliminary Conceptional Plan <br /> Attachment 5: Cost Estimate <br /> 30940 HAWTHORNE BOULEVARD/RANCHO PALOS VERDES, CA 90275-5391 /(310)377-0360/FAX(310)377-9868 <br /> PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER <br />