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FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> BETWEEN DIANA CHO AND ASSOCIATES AND THE CITY OF RANCHO PALOS <br /> VERDES <br /> THIS FIRST AMENDMENT ("First Amendment") to the PROFESSIONAL <br /> SERVICES AGREEMENT ("Agreement") between the CITY OF RANCHO PALOS <br /> VERDES ("CITY") and DIANA CHO AND ASSOCIATES ("CONSULTANT") is made <br /> and entered into this 4th day of November 2010. <br /> WHEREAS, CITY and CONSULTANT previously entered into the Agreement on <br /> June 1, 2010, whereby CONSULTANT provides professional services to administer the <br /> Community Development Block Grant program; and <br /> WHEREAS, CITY and CONSULTANT wish to amend the Agreement to add the <br /> provisions and requirements of the Los Angeles County Defaulted Property Tax <br /> Reduction Program. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, for good and valuable consideration, the parties wish to <br /> amend and modify the terms of the Agreement to add the following language: <br /> 1. Section 6.19 is hereby added to the Agreement to read as follows: <br /> CONTRACTOR'S WARRANTY OF COMPLIANCE WITH COUNTY'S <br /> DEFAULTED PROPERTY TAX REDUCTION PROGRAM. The <br /> Contractor acknowledges that the County has established a goal of <br /> ensuring that all individuals and businesses that benefit financially from <br /> the County through contract are current in paying their personal and real <br /> property tax obligations (secured and unsecured roll) in order to mitigate <br /> the economic burden otherwise imposed upon the County and its <br /> taxpayers. Unless the Contractor qualifies for an exemption or exclusion, <br /> the Contractor warrants and certifies that to the best of its knowledge it is <br /> now in compliance, and during the term of this Contract will maintain <br /> compliance, with the County's Defaulted Tax Program, found at Los <br /> Angeles County Ordinance No. 2009-0026 and codified at Los Angeles <br /> County Code, Chapter 2.206. <br /> Failure of the Contractor to maintain compliance with the requirements set <br /> forth in the "COUNTY'S DEFAULTED PROPERTY TAX REDUCTION <br /> PROGRAM" shall constitute default under this Contract. Without limiting <br /> the rights and remedies available to the City under any other provision of <br /> this Contract, failure of the Contractor to cure such default within 10 days <br /> of notice shall be grounds upon which the City may suspend or terminate <br />