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1 <br /> • <br /> RIGHT OF ACCESS AGREEMENT <br /> HIS RIGHT OF ACCESS AGREEMENT(this "Agreement")is made and entered into <br /> as of , 2013,by and between the Palos Verdes Shores Mobile Estates, <br /> Ltd., ("Grantor"), and the CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES, a California Municipal <br /> Corporation,("City"). <br /> WITNESSETH: <br /> WHEREAS, City wishes to perform certain work to install a storm drain system on <br /> certain properties that are owned by the City to improve the drainage from San Ramon Canyon <br /> and maintain the stability of the canyon slopes (hereinafter the "SRC Project"), and <br /> WHEREAS, City wishes to use a portion of the private streets: Catalina Vista; <br /> Encantador and Delicia, as is generally depicted on Exhibit A attached hereto(the"Property"), <br /> that are located on Grantor's property in connection with the performance of the construction of <br /> the SRC Project; and <br /> WHEREAS, Grantor is willing to grant to City a license for temporary access to and use <br /> of the Property by City and its employees and specified designees in connection with the <br /> construction of the SRC Project, as is more particularly described in this Agreement. <br /> AGREEMENT <br /> NOW,THEREFORE,for and in consideration of the foregoing premises,the mutual <br /> covenants and agreements contained herein,and other good and valuable consideration,the <br /> receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged,Grantor and City hereby covenant <br /> and agree as follows: <br /> 1. License and Restrictions. <br /> 1.1 Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement,Grantor hereby grants a license <br /> (the"License")to the City and its agents,employees and contractors (collectively,the <br /> "City Parties") , as designated by City in writing,to temporarily access and use the <br /> Property for the following purposes (the "License Purposes"): to move equipment, <br /> materials and workers to and from 25th Street to and from Shoreline Park,which is owned <br /> by City and adjacent to and to the west of the Property,in order to construct the SRC <br /> Project and to perform the work that is described in Section 3 below(the"License <br /> Work"). <br /> 1.2 The City Parties shall not conduct any activity on the Property other than in connection <br /> with the License Purposes. The City Parties shall not use the Property in any way that <br /> will conflict with any law,statute,ordinance,rule,regulation or requirement of any duly <br /> constituted public authorities with jurisdiction over the Property,whether now in force or <br /> 1397888v.2 1 <br /> 300790743.3 <br />