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SOY irri-`6,1,1/ RI C C a/ft' ct <br /> 47- ‘6/4/t/ g <br /> 01111RECEIVED <br /> CltyofRanchopalosverdesci)O <br /> DATE: February 21,2006 MAR 2 3 2006 M <br /> TO: FROM: ---i <br /> Rancho Palos Verdes City Hall Otis Elevator Company CITYrn <br /> OFFICE <br /> 30940 Hawthorne Blvd 711 E Ball Road Z <br /> Palos Verdes Estates,CA 90275 Suite 200 <br /> Attn: LarryStill Anaheim, <br /> CA 92805 <br /> rn <br /> EQUIPMENT LOCATION: <br /> Rancho Palos Verdes City Hall <br /> 30940 Hawthorne Blvd <br /> Palos Verdes Estates,CA 90275 7:1 ' <br /> WARRANTY NUMBER: SAN444891 WARRANTY DATE: April 1,2006 <br /> 77) <br /> EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION: <br /> Number of Units Type of Units Machine Numbers <br /> One Hydraulic 446048 <br /> 1:37:1 <br /> 6")0 <br /> We propose this Otis Extended Warranty Program to take effect as of the Warranty Date. <br /> Under this extended warranty we will employ SM D <br /> p oy the Otis Maintenance Management System (OMMS)maintenance <br /> program to deliver service tailored to your building needs. Equipment type, usage,component life,equipment and <br /> p <br /> building environment will be taken into account by the OMMS scheduled system,which will be used to plan <br /> maintenance activities in advance. <br /> As part of this Warranty we shall examine the Units using trained personnel directly employed and supervised by us. <br /> The examinations will include inspection,lubrication,adjustment,cleaning,and if conditions or usage warrant,repair or <br /> replace components as required in the OMMS program. Only genuine parts and supplies as used in the manufacture and <br /> installation of the original equipment shall be provided. <br /> All work,including minor adjustment callbacks will be performed by trained employees during regular working hours of <br /> regular working days. All maintenance procedures and repairs will be performed during our regular working hours of <br /> our regular working days for the examiners who perform the service. All lamp and signal replacements will be <br /> performed during regular examinations. If overtime examinations,repairs or emergency minor adjustment callback <br /> services are later requested by you,you agree to pay extra for the overtime bonus hours at our regular billing rates. <br /> There will be no extra charge for the straight time portion. <br /> We will periodically examine the safety devices and governors of the traction and roped hydraulic Units. We will <br /> conduct an annual no load test and perform at each fifth year a full load,full speed test of the safety mechanisms, <br /> overspeed governors,and car and counterweight buffers. If required,the governor will be recalibrated and sealed for <br /> proper tripping speed,and elevator car balances will be checked. <br /> We will conduct an annual no load pressure relief valve test for hydraulic units. <br /> ©OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY,1995,1998 All Rights Reserved Impact Fonn MNT-EWP(1/03) Proposal# Page 1 of 3 <br />