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• <br /> Oceanview Technologies,LLC <br /> t.213.291.8556 <br /> 4 <br /> <br /> S M 2514 Ridgeland Rd 111,141i <br /> Torrance,CA 90505 <br /> OVTich.nst <br /> September 8,2014 <br /> To: City of Rancho Palos Verdes/Dan Landon <br /> Information Systems&Technology <br /> 30940 Hawthorne Blvd. <br /> Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 <br /> cc: records/file <br /> From: Dan Rico/Oceanview Technologies <br /> Subject: Contract Employee/Service and Support Agreement—Craig Pettit, James Pavlick, Michael <br /> Ramirez, Dan Rico <br /> The following Service and Support Agreement outlines the hourly billing rate information and <br /> other terms related to the provision of the Contract Employee(s) listed below, by Oceanview <br /> Technologies ("OVTech") to City of Ranchos Palos Verdes ("RPV') for <br /> Information Technology(IT)Support and Services: <br /> Contract Employee Hourly Rate Overtime Hourly Rate Start Date <br /> Craig Pettit $85/hour $127.50/hour TBD <br /> Michael Ramirez $60/hour $90/hour TBD <br /> James Pavlick $85/hour $127.50/hour TBD <br /> • <br /> Daniel Rico $85/hour $127.50/hour TBD <br /> Overtime will be billed at the above-listed rate for any hours worked in excess of forty (40) <br /> hours per week or as otherwise required by local and state legal requirements. <br /> OVTech is engaged in providing long-term supplemental staffing services to RPV under RPV <br /> direction, control, and supervision. Therefore, RPV understands that OVTech is not responsible for <br /> project management or product liability. OVTech does not warrant or guarantee that the Contract <br /> Employee(s) placed pursuant to this Service and Support Agreement, and the Master Service <br /> Agreement will produce any particular result or any solution to RPV particular requirements. <br /> Accordingly, RPV acknowledges and agrees that OVTech is not responsible for any aspects of the <br /> Contract Employee's work or RPV project, including without limitation, any deadlines or work product. <br /> The Service and Support provided by OVTech are done so at significant cost. In consideration <br /> thereof, during the term of this Agreement and for the one (1) year period immediately following the <br /> period for which a Contract Employee last performed services for RPV, or any RPV affiliate, shall not, <br /> Confidential/SSA CTYcpdr20140812.doc Page 1 of 3 <br />