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0 <br />J <br />J <br />ai <br />'CUSTOMER* <br />SALES <br />AGREEMENT <br />• <br />CUSTO ER NAME <br />Cr o ka-erahr Pq /o -r <br />ADDRESS <br />30 9 146 41,v , -.K. Z3 hid <br />CITYP pa l s 0-e-cler qons- <br />PARTY <br />BILL TO LOCATION ft <br />SHIP TO LOCATION S <br />SHIP TO LOC WITHIN CITY LINTS? <br />YES 0 NO 0 <br />DEMO ORDER? <br />YES El NO Q <br />EQUIP TYPE <br />QTY. ITEM <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />cm4520 � <br />493-8 <br />DLD4 <br />9289 <br />9238 <br />(NEW, AEGON. <br />DEMO) <br />New <br />New <br />New <br />New <br />New <br />41I L TO CONTACT NAME <br />� L' ` PP <br />SHIP TO • NTACT NAME <br />PURCHASEORDER S <br />DATE SUBMIIPED <br />8. 30.0714410R <br />ACD #/ORDER # <br />CUSTOMER NAME /� RchU "DelIOS i/h1 <br />O � <br />Re'4,ho,i 2eoi- <br />• ADDRESS <br />▪ o 309•90 /74.1wMorne,3/td <br />GITY/8TAIFJZJP fo.r <br />Restwao <br />EXISTING MASTEI TAX EXEMPT? TAX EST CERT <br />AGS? ATTR? <br />YES Ei NO 0 YES 0 NO Q YES 0 NO 0 <br />BLL TO PHONE # EMAIL ADDRESS <br />0/0 -54/11 q&a <br />SHIP TO PHONE EMAIL ADDRESS <br />3 /0 -.y4'- Q o,5 <br />PO EXPIRE DT SERVICEIMAI COVERAGE (Check One) <br />EMA ATTACHED El BILL TIME & MATERIALS 0 <br />REQ INSTALL/CONVERSION DATE <br />8'31.c ) <br />DISC/ TRADE' <br />UNIT PRICE IN ALLOW <br />IMODE1/8ERIAL FOR DEMO EQUIPMENT <br />DESCRIPTION <br />cm4520 MFS' <br />Starter Kit <br />Install/Connect <br />LCT Cabinet <br />Booklet Finisher <br />PRICE LIST <br />F Qoo7 coLOR <br />CON4'710M <br />CLC NDSrS/ <br />COMPl' ##JCk' CtI"KA <br />9,540.00 <br />695.00 <br />365.00 <br />700.00 <br />2,200.00 <br />0.00 <br />$0.00 <br />$0.00 <br />$0.00 <br />$0.00 <br />NET PRICE <br />$9,540.00 <br />$695.00 <br />$365.00 <br />$700.00 <br />$2,200.00 <br />1 <br />ADDITIONAL. REQUIREMENTS SUBTOTAL Pa90 1 1 $13,500.00 <br />❑ Standard Billing (Usage billed monthly In arrears; Based on date of install; Consolidated) <br />0 Special Billing (attach signed "Customer Billing Requireme ts" checklist) TOTAL TAXES $1,113.75 <br />Connect Product to Customer Network? ❑ NO (attach signed "Site Survey') ORDER TOTAL I $14,613.75 <br />CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGMENT <br />YOU ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF, AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY OCA IMAG/STICS D/B/A OCE NORTH AMERICA CORPORATE PRINTING <br />DMSION ADDITIONAL SALES TERMS AND CONDITIONS, WHICH ARE INCORPORATED HEREIN. ANY CHANGES THERETO MUST BE APPROVED <br />IN WRITING BY OUR CORPORATE LEGAL DEPARTMENT OR SHALL NOT BE BINDING UPON US. IFA DIGITAL DEVICE IS BEING PROVIDED BUT <br />NOT BEING CONNECTED AT THE TIME OF THIS ORDER, OUR SITE SURVEY IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO CONNECTION IN THE FUTURE. <br />CUSTOMER'S SIGNATURE <br />SAVES REP NAME <br />.AAS % PEM <br />DATE PRINT SIGNER'S NAME <br />( -v14 <br />eo,ro <br />ROLE , SPLIT% REP 0 BRAN NAME <br />A Lao 5M5�i (),,doP/Ack "nTLL <br />w►n (_ <br />1 win U <br />1 P 1 'NATI. Li <br />DELWERY INS ` UCT' ..S« <br />1 <br />PRINT SIGNER'S TITLE <br />D-epv C`t fila e r -I <br />I?J► <br />OFFICE U DPC J <br />OFFICE J BPC DPC J <br />OFFICE U BPC DPC U <br />OFFICE U BPC U DPC U <br />to <br />No 11 <br />Business hours: <br />Delhrsry of customer equipment within building via: Stairs U Elevator t5I Loading Dock Available Yes U <br />IF ORDER DUDES PiCK4P/ "RAS INS, COMPLETE :THAADDITIONAL EQP tTlR4DE N FORM <br />SALES REP'S ,$IGNAT1,1RE DATE / 1 / BRANCH N7S SIGNATURE <br />hi70, ! ✓ <br />/ Page 1 of <br />FORM 1 I-10003 ` 7 VERSION 02/2007 <br />DATE <br />4/3 (D/C17 <br />