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.: :: Remarketed IBM Maintenance Services Agreement <br /> HTE VAR <br /> .ienual. c.i.P.w� <br /> Maintenance Services Description <br /> HTE VAR, LLC. (We) agree to provide IBM Maintenance Services for machines described in an Attachment to our <br /> Customer (You) under the terms of this Agreement. We do not provide Maintenance Services under the terms of your <br /> purchase order. <br /> Maintenance charges are not refundable after coverage has started for the Machine. However, if you sell a <br /> Machine, you may transfer coverage to the buyer/third party. If you transfer coverage for a Machine to a third party, you <br /> agree to inform that party 1) of the applicable terms of this Agreement and 2) that it must notify us in writing of the <br /> transfer,the location of the Machine, and acceptance of coverage. <br /> IBM will specify the eligible Machine types and available contract periods. We will list, in an Attachment, the Machines <br /> covered,and the coverage start and end dates for each Machine. <br /> Each of us agrees that if a feature, upgrade, or conversion is installed on a Machine while it is under this Maintenance <br /> Services Agreement, 1) an additional charge may apply and 2) the feature, upgrade, or conversion is subject to the <br /> remaining portion of the contract period. <br /> Maintenance Charge: $ 74.00 Maintenance Contract Term_03/22/04—09/30/07 <br /> 10/01/05—09/30/06-$37.00 <br /> 10/01/06—09/30/07-$37.00 <br /> Machines Covered: 7852-40Z sn 42L8196 Fiscal Alignment <br /> This Agreement, Attachment A, the End User Information Notice, and the Additional Terms on page 2 form our <br /> complete agreement regarding these Maintenance Services and replace any prior oral or written communication <br /> between us. By signing below, both of us agree to these terms. <br /> Agreed to:(Customer legal name&address) Agreed to: <br /> Rancho Palos VerdeZ.);, HTE VAR,LLC <br /> 30940 Hawthorne Blvd ' 3168 Mercer University Drive, Suite 100 <br /> Rancho Palos Verde, CA 90275 Chamblee,GA 30341 <br /> By 401424`" <br /> 4. ,Lee. 1/4 By <br /> Authorized Signature Authorized Signature <br /> Name(print): O ne4S09‘) Name(print): <br /> Title: / PAW(�.G ¢ j( Title: <br /> Date:/ti)• -� Date: <br /> Agreement Number: 2005093001 LB <br /> Revised 12/12/00 <br />