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• <br />r Microsoft <br />Program Signature Form <br />• <br />Volume Licensing <br />MBA/MBSA number <br />Agreement number 01E73134 <br />Note: Enter the applicable active numbers associated with the documents below. Microsoft <br />requires the associated active number be indicated here, or listed below as new. <br />For the purposes of this form, "Customer" can mean the signing entity, Enrolled Affiliate, <br />Government Partner, Institution, or other party entering into a volume licensing program <br />agreement. <br />This signature form and all contract documents identified in the table below are entered into between <br />the Customer and the Microsoft Affiliate signing, as of the effective date identified below. <br />Contract Document <br />Number or Code <br /><Choose Agreement> <br /><Choose Agreement> <br /><Choose Agreement> <br /><Choose Agreement> <br /><Choose Agreement> <br />Enterprise Enrollment <br /><Choose Enrollment/Registration> <br /><Choose Enrollment/Registration> <br /><Choose Enrollment/Registration> <br /><Choose Enrollment/Registration> <br />EA Product Selection Form <br />EA Enrollment Sub 250 Amendment <br />X20-10631 <br />X20-03622 <br />W29 (new) <br />By signing below, Customer and the Microsoft Affiliate agree that both parties (1) have received, read <br />and understand the above contract documents, including any websites or documents incorporated by <br />reference and any amendments and (2) agree to be bound by the terms of all such documents. <br />Customer <br />Name of Entity (must be legalrentity is <br />Signature* <br />Printed First and Last Name* <br />Printed Title <br />Signature Date* <br />Tax ID <br />* indicates required field <br />* City of Rancho Palos Verdes <br />ProgramSignForm(MSSign)(NA,LatAm)ExBRA,MLI(ENG)(Aug2014) Page 1 of 2 <br />