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Cauou <br /> CANON SOLUTIONS AMERICA EASE UPGRADE, TRADE-IN, RETURN OR BUY-OUT <br /> Canon Solutions America, Inc.("CSA") �;- <br /> REIMBURSEMENT ADDENDUM TO AGREEMENT# <br /> One Canon Park, Melville, NY 11747 r. r- #S0336175.02 (the "AGREEMENT") <br /> .y. y <br /> 0 13-2228 <br /> Page of <br /> Customer("You"): Customer Account: Buy-out Reimbursement <br /> Company:City of Rancho Palos Verdes <br /> $ to be paid under the circumstances described in <br /> Address:30940 Hawthorne Blvd. Section 1 below. <br /> City:City of Rancho Palos Verdes County:Los Angeles Payable to: You Canon Financial Services. Inc. <br /> State: CA Zip:90275 Phone#:310.544.5311 <br /> Reason for check issuance: <br /> <br /> Lease Upgrade or Buy-out Acknowledgement <br /> If this transaction includes a lease upgrade or buy-out to be paid upon delivery and List the leasing company and lease number associated with any lease upgrade or buy-out. <br /> acceptance of the Equipment listed on the Agreement, select one of the following: <br /> ❑ Not Applicable Leasing Company Name Lease Number <br /> ❑ You will return the equipment to the leasing company according to the terms <br /> and conditions of your lease agreement. <br /> ❑ CSA will return the equipment to the leasing company per Section 2 below. <br /> ❑ You will retain the equipment. If so,will the equipment remain under a CSA <br /> Maintenance Agreement? Yes ❑ No❑ <br /> ❑ CSA will pick up the equipment for Trade In. <br /> Return Authorization <br /> Please select one: Pick-Up Information: <br /> Trade-In ✓ Same Date as Delivery of Listed Items specified on the Agreement. <br /> Please note that any applicable trade-in credit is reflected in the periodic lease <br /> payments or purchase price as <br /> ass specified in the Agreement. Other Specified Date: <br /> Equipment Condition t 1 Good Working Condition As is condition (but no longer than 30 days after delivery of Listed Items under Agreement) <br /> Return Equipment to selected Leasing Company Contact Name: Dan Landon Phone: 310.544.5311 <br /> Canon Financial Services E-Mail: <br /> ✓ Return Equipment to CSA. original Order Date 9.28.07 Special Removal Instructions: <br /> Return Item Meter Equipment location,if Contact Name& Alt.Pick <br /> Code Code Description Serial# Reading different than above Phone Email Up Date <br /> R-CSA Oce 2075 200001355 <br /> R-CSA Oce 2075 200001387 <br /> Return Codes: Trade-In:TRD Return to CFS:R-CFS Return to CIT:R-CIT Return to CSAR-CSA <br /> You have agreed to acquire from CSA certain Listed Items pursuant to the Agreement. By your signature agree to supplement the terms of the Agreement as follows: <br /> 1. If Buy Out Reimbursement is selected:The Buy-Out Reimbursement indicated above will be paid directly to the designated party by CSA upon installation and testing of the Listed Items and <br /> payment to CSA(by you or by the Leasing Company)of the purchase price for the Listed Items.The Buy-Out Reimbursement will be paid for the sole purpose of reimbursement of early termination <br /> charges or fees and associated expenses payable for(a)early termination of the lease of the Trade-in or Return Equipment or for other equipment being replaced by the Listed Items under the <br /> Agreement,(b)refinancing the lease of other equipment or(c)preparation of the site for installation of Listed Items.You acknowledge and agree that CSA's financial obligation is limited to the Buy-Out <br /> Reimbursement amount.and that you are responsible for any other obligations.including any charges which are not covered by the Buy-Out Reimbursement. <br /> 2.If Trade-in Equipment or Return to Leasing Company is selected:You hereby authorize CSA to pick up the Trade-in or Return Equipment listed above.You agree to pay CSA's removal charges if. <br /> on the date specified above,the Trade-in or Return Equipment is unavailable for pickup and removal through no fault of CSA.Trade-in Equipment shall be conveyed to CSA.and(a)you represent that <br /> CSA will receive good and marketable title to each unit of Trade-in and clear of any and all liens and leasehold interests.(b)you warrant that the Trade-In Equipment will be delivered to <br /> CSA(unless specified above that the trade-in is on an"As Is"basis)in good working condition.reasonable wear and tear excepted.and(c)you shall make the Trade-In Equipment available for pickup by <br /> CSA on the relevant date specified above. If you breach or fail to comply with any of the foregoing.CSA may.without limiting its other remedies under applicable law.return the Trade-In Equipment to you <br /> (at your expense both for the return and the original pickup)and rescind.or require you to refund to CSA.promptly upon receipt of CSA's invoice.the full amount of any trade-in credit reflected in the <br /> Agreement(which amount shall equal the fair market value of such Trade-In Equipment,as determined by CSA).Return Equipment shall be shipped to the Leasing Company specified above.and CSA's <br /> sole obligation is to use commercially reasonable efforts to pick-up and remove the Return Equipment and to arrange.on your behalf and at CSA's expense and risk(but only to the extent of obvious <br /> damage in transit),for the shipment of the Return Equipment to the Leasing Company. <br /> 3. DATA.You acknowledge that the hard drive(s)on the Equipment,including attached devices.may retain images,content or other data that you may store for purposes of normal operation of the <br /> Equipment("Data").You acknowledge that CSA is not storing Data on behalf of you and that exposure or access to the Data by CSA.if purely incidental to the services performed by CSA.Neither <br /> CSA nor any of their affiliates has an obligation to erase or overwrite Data upon Your return of the Equipment to CSA or any leasing company. You are solely responsible for:(i)your compliance with <br /> applicable law and legal requirements pertaining to data,retention and protection:and(ii)all decisions related to erasing or overwriting Data. The terms of this section shall solely <br /> govern as to Data.notwithstanding that any provisions of this Agreement or any separate confidentiality or data security or other agreement now or hereafter entered into between you and CSA could be <br /> construed to apply to Data. <br /> THIS ADDENDUM SHALL BECOME EFFECTIVE AT THE SAME TIME AS THE AGREEMENT BECOME EFFECTIVE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TERMS THEREN E 0 EPT A <br /> SUPPLEMENTED HEREBY THE AGREEMENT SHALL REMAIN UNCHANGED AND IN FULL FORCE AND EFFECT. <br /> Customer's Authorized Signature0- <br /> Printed Name �.C. ►r'O yham,V�ti-u Title P"dc'Ih C•1 cl11cvn Q r Date I d <br /> SLS-004B May 2014 CSA <br />