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. i <br /> SUPPLEMENT TO H.T.E., INC. SOFTWARE <br /> LICENSE AND SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> HARDWARE PURCHASE AGREEMENT <br /> This Hardware Agreement is a Supplement to the H.T.E., INC LICENSE & SERVICES AGREEMENT between <br /> H.T.E.,Inc.(HTE)and CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES(Customer). <br /> I. HARDWARE <br /> HTE shall sell to Customer and Customer shall buy from HTE the Hardware listed on the Schedule(s),under the terms and <br /> conditions contained herein. Customer may not cancel or modify any order for Hardware described on the Schedule(s) <br /> without the prior written consent of HTE. <br /> II. SYSTEMS SOFTWARE <br /> Customer shall receive a license to use the systems software(the"Systems Software")that is provided by the Manufacturer <br /> to operate the Hardware and is more fully described on the attached Schedule(s), and title to the Systems Software shall <br /> remain with the Manufacturer. Customer agrees to protect the Systems Software, which is and shall remain proprietary to <br /> the Manufacturer,in accordance with the Manufacturer's instructions. <br /> III. INSTALLATION <br /> Except as may be otherwise provided for in the Supplement(s), HTE and Customer shall contract with the Manufacturer's <br /> Services Officer to arrange for the upgrade and installation of the Hardware listed in the Schedule(s)and Customer shall be <br /> responsible for all necessary site preparations prior to and during the installation of the Hardware in accordance with HTE <br /> and Manufacturer's instructions. Such site preparations may include, but are not limited to, provisions of electric power <br /> requirements, the installation of all required data and power cabling, and the provision of sufficient furniture and flooring <br /> for the Hardware. <br /> Customer shall bear any costs or penalties incurred by HTE as a result of Customer's failure to provide adequate facilities <br /> for installation as per HTE and Manufacturer's instructions or as a result of Customer's failure to accept delivery of the <br /> Hardware. However, in no event shall any delays in such site preparations by the Customer negate the payment terms as <br /> provided for in the Schedule(s)to this Hardware Agreement. <br /> In the event that the Customer makes any changes to the Hardware order (i.e. Hardware configuration, delivery date, <br /> Customer Facility location, etc.) which results in increased prices from the Manufacturer or the imposition of late order <br /> charges/penalties by the Manufacturer, Customer shall reimburse HTE for such changes/penalties or increase in cost at the <br /> time of those charges. Additionally, any Hardware deposits received by HTE from the Customer will be retained by HTE <br /> if HTE is required to return the Hardware to the Manufacturer due to any reason that is not the fault of HTE, but solely to <br /> the amount of charges/penalties imposed upon HTE . <br /> Customer agrees to grant access to the Manufacturer and/or HTE as needed, to install mandatory engineering changes, <br /> order features,or model conversions to the Hardware. <br /> In conjunction with the installation of the Hardware, HTE will provide Customer with one (1) copy of each of the <br /> Manufacturer's hardware manuals which have been provided by Manufacturer without charge to HTE. <br /> IV. DELIVERY <br /> Delivery dates are approximate and any delivery schedule provided is estimated only and presented in good faith by HTE. <br /> CitySoft Hardware Agreement 1 RPVD-hdw 11-10.doc <br /> Ver.5/1/98 10/13/98 <br />