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CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES <br /> AGREEMENT FOR: <br /> Management of Rentals at Founders Park <br /> This Agreement is made and entered this 18th day of December, 2006, by and <br /> between the CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES (hereinafter referred to as "City"), <br /> and VH Property (hereinafter referred to as "Contractor")with respect to the following <br /> facts and circumstances: the purpose of this Agreement is to memorialize the <br /> procedures and policies pertaining to the management by Contractor of public rentals <br /> of Founders' Park. <br /> RECITALS <br /> WHEREAS, City desires to contract with Contractor to perform the services set <br /> forth in this agreement, including the Proposal, which is attached hereto as Exhibit <br /> "A" and incorporated herein by this reference; and <br /> WHEREAS, Contractor represents that it is fully qualified to perform said services; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, the parties hereto do agree as follows: <br /> 1. Scope of Services. Contractor shall manage rentals at Founders Park as set forth <br /> in Contractor's Proposal dated April 13, 2006 (Exhibit "A"). The contract is for <br /> three years, terminating on December 18, 2009. <br /> 2. Compensation. Contractor shall not receive any compensation from the City under <br /> the terms of its proposal (Exhibit "A"). Contractor will make payments to the City <br /> as detailed in its proposal (Exhibit "A") <br /> 3. Independent Contractor. Contractor is and shall at all times remain, as to City, a <br /> wholly independent contractor. Neither City nor any of its agents shall have <br /> control over the conduct of Contractor or any of Contractor's employees, except as <br /> herein set forth. Contractor shall not, at any time, or in any manner, represent that <br /> it or any of its agents or employees are in any manner agents or employees of <br /> City. <br /> 4. Assignment. This agreement may not be assigned by Contractor, in whole or in <br /> part, without the prior written consent of City. <br /> 5. Responsible Principal. For purposes of this Agreement, Contractor's responsible <br /> principal shall be Mike Van Der Goes, General Manager, Director of Golf. The <br /> Responsible Principal set forth herein shall be principally responsible for <br /> Contractor's obligations under this Agreement and shall serve as the principal <br /> liaison between City and Contractor. Designation of another Responsible Principal <br /> by Contractor shall not be made without the prior written consent of City. <br /> 1 <br />