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. <br /> MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT <br /> BETWEEN <br /> THE NATIONAL OCEANIC AND ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION <br /> AND <br /> THE CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES <br /> The-following Agreement is entered into this 13th day of November,2013, by and <br /> between the CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES, with its office located at 30940 <br /> HAW 1'1 IORNE BLVD., RANCHO PA1.,OS VERDES,CA 90275, hereafter"Recipient" <br /> and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, an agency of the United <br /> States, with local offices at 501 W. Ocean Blvd., Suite 4470, Long Beach, CA 90802, <br /> hereafter"NOAA,"collectively the"Parties"and individually a"Party.) <br /> In-aclan a-wi.thtile-c ondi.tions-specificdl in l is- 1 x:eement,the-audioly sual-k.os <br /> described in Attachment A, hereafter"the Kiosk,"is to be loaned to the Recipient for the <br /> period of December 1,2013 through May 31,2013, hereafter the"Loan Period." <br /> A. Use of Kiosk. <br /> I. The Kiosk is to be loaned to Recipient for display at the POINT VICENTE <br /> INTERPRETIVE CENTER, 31501 PALOS VERDES DRIVE WEST, RANCHO <br /> PALOS VERDES, CA 90275. The location and layout of the exhibit within the <br /> interpretive Center will be at the discretion of the Recipient. <br /> 2. NOAA agrees not to remove the Kiosk from THE POINT VICENTE <br /> INTERPRETIVE CENTER,31501 PALOS VERDES DRIVE WEST, RANCHO <br /> PALOS VERDES prior to the completion of the Loan Period,other than for <br /> extraordinary circumstances and in consultation with the Recipient. <br /> 3, The Recipient will neither remove the Kiosk nor request that NOAA remove the <br /> Kiosk prior to the completion of the Loan Period other than for extraordinary <br /> circumstances and in consultation with NOAA. <br /> B. Protection of the Kiosk. <br /> 1. The Recipient agrees to preserve and give all due care to protect the Kiosk against. <br /> loss,damage or deterioration,and will maintain constant and adequate protection <br /> from hazards of fire, insects, vermin,dirt,and unusual temperatures and humidity, <br /> excessive light, theft and mishandling by unauthorized or inexperienced persons or by <br /> the public. <br /> 2. By entering into this MOA, each Party assumes no liability for injuries or damages to <br /> persons or property resulting from any acts or omissions of any other Party or its <br /> 1660760 B ate (Initial) <br />