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, <br /> MOUNTAINS RECREATION & C ERVATION AUTHORITY <br /> Los Angeles River Center and Gardens <br /> amr 570 West Avenue Twenty-six,Suite 100 <br /> t.716 MEM-ATM <br /> Los Angeles,California 90065 <br /> Ng. Phone(323)221-9944 Fax(323)221-9934 <br /> \ J \ / <br /> coli pRN/. � <br /> December 10, 2009 <br /> Walt Young, Chief Ranger <br /> Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority <br /> 2600 Franklin Canyon Drive <br /> Beverly Hills, CA 90210 <br /> Letter of Agreement <br /> Contract Number <br /> The City of Rancho Palos Verdes ("City") would like to enter into a letter of <br /> agreement ("Agreement") with the Mountains Recreation and Conservation <br /> Authority ("MRCA") for open space management. <br /> 1. Scope of Work <br /> MRCA proposal submitted on November 18, 2009, is attached hereto and incorporated <br /> herein by reference. MRCA will provide Ranger Services in the contracted areas. <br /> The initial 120 days the City Ordinances will apply to the contracted areas addressed in <br /> the proposal. <br /> 2. Compensation <br /> The City agrees to compensate MRCA for services rendered based on an hourly rate of <br /> $54.37 per hour. The total cost of Agreement shall not exceed $23,000 unless <br /> authorized by the City. This amount represents the total compensation to be paid to <br /> MRCA by City for all work to be done by MRCA, including all allowable costs. <br /> 3. Time Schedule <br /> The schedule of work to be completed by MRCA includes delivery of work product or <br /> services discussed in Scope of Work. Work should be completed in accordance with <br /> the final time schedule by MRCA and agreed to by City. <br /> 4. Indemnification <br /> MRCA agrees to indemnify and hold City harmless from and against any claim, action <br /> damages, costs (including, without limitation, attorney's fees), injuries, or liability, arising <br /> out of the performance of this agreement by MRCA. Should City be named in any suit, <br /> or should any claim be brought against it by suit or otherwise, arising out of <br /> performance by MRCA of services rendered pursuant to this Agreement, MRCA will <br /> defend City (at City's request and with counsel satisfactory to City) and will indemnify <br /> City for any judgment rendered against it or any sums paid out in settlement or costs <br /> incurred in defense otherwise. <br /> A public entity of the State of California exercising joint powers of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy,the Conejo Recreation <br /> and Park District,and the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District pursuant to Section 6500 et seq.of the Government Code <br />