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. CeC&( <br /> 4s�`.°-0 !,, MOUNTAINS RECREATION& C(ERVATION AUTHORITY <br /> RANCIa Los Angeles River Center&Gardens <br /> =tir 570 West Avenue Twenty-Six,Six 00 <br /> 7r4c11;rtle' <br /> oi „N RECREATION ty” Suite 100 <br /> w% •r <br /> AND PARK <br /> p DISTRICT Los Angeles, California 90065 <br /> Phone (323) 221-9944 Fax (323) 221-9934 <br /> March 31, 2011 <br /> Walt Young, Chief Ranger <br /> Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority <br /> 2600 Franklin Canyon Drive <br /> Beverly Hills, CA 90210 <br /> Letter of Agreement <br /> Contract Number qc4co <br /> The City of Rancho Palos Verdes ("City") would like to enter into a letter of <br /> agreement ("Agreement") with the Mountains Recreation and Conservation <br /> Authority ("MRCA") for open space management during the period from April 13, 2011 <br /> through June 30, 2014. <br /> 1. Scope of Work <br /> MRCA proposal submitted on April 5, 2011, is attached hereto and incorporated herein <br /> by reference. MRCA will provide Ranger Services in the contracted areas. <br /> City Ordinances will apply to the contracted areas addressed in the proposal. <br /> 2. Compensation <br /> The City agrees to compensate MRCA for services rendered based on an hourly rate <br /> which includes current actual vehicle costs, with fuel estimated at $4.00 gallon at: <br /> • $54.37 for the balance of the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011. <br /> • Increase 5% ($57.09) for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012 <br /> • Increase 3% ($58.80) for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013 <br /> • Increase 3% ($60.56) for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2014 <br /> MRCA reserves the right to charge a 1.5% fuel surcharge on the total hourly rate for <br /> each $0.50 per gallon increase of the price of gasoline above $4.00 that occurs during <br /> any month of the term of this Agreement. The gasoline surcharge that is added will be <br /> prorated during the month based upon the number of days during the month when <br /> gasoline purchased by MRCA exceeds $4.00 per gallon and by the price per gallon that <br /> MRCA actually pays. If the price per gallon decreases during any subsequent month or <br /> portion thereof, the surcharge will be reduced by a corresponding amount. This amount <br /> represents the compensation to be paid to MRCA by City for all work to be done by <br /> MRCA, including all allowable costs. <br /> A local public agency exercising joint powers of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, the Conejo Recreation&Park District, <br /> and the Rancho Soni Recreation&Park District pursuant to Section 6500 et seq. of the Government Code. <br />