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• <br /> 111110 <br /> NOTICE REGARDING CALIFORNIA ACT RELATING TO <br /> COPYRIGHTED PERFORMANCES OF MUSICAL WORKS <br /> Under an Act of the State of California Relating to Copyrighted Performances of Musical Works, <br /> Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) is recognized as a performing rights organization that licenses the public <br /> performance of non-dramatic musical works on behalf of copyright owners pursuant to the United <br /> States Copyright Law. <br /> As the proprietor of a business in the State of California where music is publicly performed, you <br /> are required to obtain authorization from the copyright owners of that music in order for your <br /> performances to be legal. BMI represents more than 475,000 songwriters, composers and music <br /> publishers ("affiliates") and more than 6.5 million musical works. For a single annual fee, a BMI Music <br /> Performance Agreement will authorize you to legally perform at your place of business all of tbe <br /> musical works in the BMI_pertoire created and owned by our affiliates, and you will avoid the <br /> necessity of having to contact each one individually to obtain permission. <br /> In connection with our offering you a Music Performance Agreement, please be advised of the <br /> following: <br /> THE MUSIC PERFORMANCE AGREEMENT <br /> • The BMI Music Performance Agreement is the contract that describes the rates and terms of <br /> royalties required to be paid by you to BMI for authorization to perform the music which we <br /> license. <br /> • The schedule of rates can be found within the Music Performance Agreement under the heading <br /> License Fee Schedule. <br /> • The Music Performance Agreement, including the schedule of rates and terms of royalties, <br /> which BMI has offered you is the same agreement BMI offers throughout the United States for <br /> your class and category of music use. Please read the Agreement carefully and call <br /> us at the toll-free number which appears on the enclosed letter if you have any <br /> questions. <br /> ACCESS TO AFFILIATE AND REPERTOIRE LIST <br /> Using a PC and a modem, you can electronically access the most current list of the affiliates we <br /> represent and the works in our repertoire which are licensed under your Music Performance <br /> Agreement. You should log onto the Internet and access the Repertoire section of the <br /> domain on the World Wide Web. Our URL address is Access to the Internet <br /> can be obtained through many commercial on-line services, as well as from specialized Internet <br /> access providers, often for the cost of a local telephone call. If you have questions about any song <br /> title or affiliate listing that you locate on our Internet domain, please call 1-800-800-9313 for <br /> assistance. <br /> BROADCAST MUSIC, INC. <br /> Attn: Marketing/Fulfillment <br /> California 10 Music Square East ai <br /> LL-07/09-22 Nashville, Tennessee 37203 <br /> BMI and the music stand symbol are registered <br /> trademarks of Broadcast Music,Inc. <br />