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0 • <br /> t <br /> CUSTODIAL SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> THIS CUSTODIAL SERVICES AGREEMENT("Agreement")is made and entered into this 16 day <br /> of PA w 0— ,2010,by and between the CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES,hereinafter <br /> referred to as "City," and GREAT CLEANING SERVICES, hereinafter referred to as"Contractor." <br /> IN CONSIDERATION of the covenants hereinafter set forth, the parties hereto mutually <br /> agree as follows: <br /> 1) Scope of Services. City hereby employs Contractor to perform the work and provide the <br /> services for the project identified as CUSTODIAL SERVICES FOR THE CITY OF RANCHO <br /> PALOS VERDES FACILITIES, as described in: the Notice Inviting Sealed Bids with the <br /> attachments thereto (including General Provisions, Special Provisions, and Proposal <br /> documents), which is attached hereto as Exhibit "A" and incorporated herein by this <br /> reference; and the bid submitted by Contractor,which is attached hereto as Exhibit"B"and <br /> incorporated herein by this reference. Such work shall be performed in a good and <br /> workmanlike manner. <br /> 2) Schedule of Work. Contractor shall perform the specific services requested by the City as <br /> set forth in Exhibit"A" in accordance with the time schedule listed in that exhibit. Time is of <br /> the essence in this Agreement. <br /> 3) Compensation. In consideration of the services rendered hereunder, Contractor shall be <br /> paid a total of$69,264 in the first year of this Agreement. In the second and third year of the <br /> Agreement, this total shall be adjusted annually based on the Producer Price Index for <br /> finished goods for Los Angeles County. Contractor shall issue the City a monthly bill of <br /> charges. <br /> 4) Additional Services. The Director of Public Works or his or her designee may authorize in <br /> writing additional non-scheduled cleaning up to$6,000 annually over the total compensation <br /> in Article 3 of this Agreement. <br /> 5) Term of Agreement. This Agreement shall commence on the day it is executed, provided <br /> that Certificates of Insurance are current on that date, and shall terminate three (3) years <br /> thereafter, unless sooner terminated pursuant to Section 8 of this Agreement. Thereafter, <br /> the Agreement may be renewed for three(3)one-year periods by mutual written agreement. <br /> 6) Indemnification. Contractor will defend, indemnify and hold harmless City and its <br /> officials, officers, employees, agents and volunteers free and harmless from all tort <br /> liability, including liability for claims, suits, actions, expenses or costs of any kind, whether <br /> actual, alleged or threatened, actual attorneys' fees, experts' fees, or court costs incurred <br /> by the City, to the extent arising out of or in any way connected with, in whole or in part, <br /> the negligent or other wrongful acts, omissions or willful misconduct of Contractor or any <br /> of Contractor's officers, agents, employees or contractors in the performance of this <br /> Agreement. This includes but is not limited to claims, suits and liabilities for bodily injury, <br /> death or property damage to any individual or entity, including officers, agents, <br /> employees or contractors of the Contractor. The provisions of this paragraph shall not <br /> apply to claims to the extent arising out of the sole negligence or willful misconduct of the <br /> City and its officials, officers, employees, agents and volunteers. In addition to the <br /> foregoing, Contractor shall indemnify, defend and hold free and harmless the City and <br /> the City's officials, officers, employees, agents and volunteers from and against any and <br /> Page 1 of 8 <br /> R6876-0001\1206062v2.doc <br />