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LOS ANGELES REGIONAL <br /> IMAGERY ACQUISITION CONSORTIUM(LAR-IAC)5 <br /> AUTHORIZED USER <br /> CONFIDENTIALITY AND NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT(NDA) <br /> 1. Pictometry International Corp.,a Delaware company with offices at 25 Methodist Hill Drive,Rochester.NY 14623 <br /> ("Pictometry"),and the County of Los Angeles("County")have entered into that certain agreement dated December 3. <br /> 2013("Agreement")for delivery of licensed digital mapping data and software("Licensed Products")to the County. <br /> Under the Agreement,certain governmental entities("Authorized Entities"),including County Departments and non- <br /> County Authorized Participants,which participate in the LAR-IAC may be granted copies of or otherwise provided <br /> access to the Licensed Products through a Participant Agreement. <br /> 2. Pursuant to Paragraph 11.2(Authorized Users)of the Agreement,Licensed Products may only be accessed or otherwise <br /> used by an Authorized User,which includes any contractor or consultant of an Authorized Entity using the Licensed <br /> Products either at the facilities of such Authorized Entity or for any Project(as defined below)of such Authorized Entity. <br /> 3. The undersigned is an Authorized User of a County Department that is an Authorized Entity under the Agreement and <br /> desires to use the Licensed Products solely for internal,noncommercial use and for purposes no greater than reasonably <br /> needed to achieve the objectives of an actual project undertaken in connection with the relationship with the County <br /> Department("Project"). <br /> 4. The undersigned Authorized User understands and agrees that the Licensed Products contain trade secret and/or <br /> confidential information("Confidential Information")of Pictometry. Therefore,by signing this Authorized User <br /> Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement("NDA"),the Authorized User agrees to use the Licensed Products <br /> solely for the Project,which is a nonexclusive,nontransferable and non-assignable right,from the effective date of this <br /> NDA until the expiration or termination of the Project for which the undersigned Authorized User was engaged by the <br /> particular County Department. <br /> 5. To the extent any Confidential Information that is not in the public domain is revealed through the operation or other use <br /> of the Licensed Products,the Authorized User agrees that it will not make use of,disseminate or in any way disclose <br /> such Confidential Information without the County's prior written consent,which County may first need to obtain from <br /> Pictometry. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF,the undersigned Authorized User,by his/her authorized signature,agrees to all terms and <br /> conditions of this NDA as of the date set forth below. <br /> AUTHORIZED USER: <br /> Si ure: Address: 617 West 7th Street <br /> Name: James Powell Suite 1103 <br /> Organization:/ Alta Planning City/Zip: Los Angeles,CA 90017 <br /> Date: 3j 141`9 Phone: D:(213)437-3336 0:(213)489-7443 <br /> AUTHORIZED BY: <br /> Signature:„. ' Name: Lukasz Buchwald <br /> County Department: Title: IT Manager <br /> Date: a- .2J-- )Q I <br /> 'Note: Authorized Entities shall keep a signed copy of this document for the duration of the Project. <br /> HOA.101512568.1 <br />